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Fantasy Island TV Show Opening Theme Season One 1978

Fantasy Island TV Show Opening Theme Season One Ricardo Montalban … Mr. Roarke (37 episodes, 1978-1984) HervĂ© Villechaize … Tattoo

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25 Responses to “Fantasy Island TV Show Opening Theme Season One 1978”

  1. eric777100763 says:

    I love that!! DE PLANE DE PLANE!!!!!

  2. bones4life1996 says:

    Thumbs up if u saw this in George Lopez!

  3. shiyito says:

    el avion, el avion!!!! jajaja

  4. vanhalen515084 says:

    the opening of this show, just brings back memories, my sister and i used to watch this every saturday night, cool show, sure wish they release more of this on dvd, i have the first season, but impatiently waiting for more,

  5. ObaNarayanShivaji999 says:

    Thank you, for this clip has granted new meaning to my life.

  6. amcstudio30 says:

    such great memories

  7. Idude893 says:

    Yes he does, that’s how he pronounced it.

  8. BarneyBenar says:

    @kotraquin about a buck and a half.

  9. BarneyBenar says:

    @Idude893 He doesn’t say ‘ZE’ retard.

  10. Idude893 says:


  11. gmacorvick says:

    Weeeeeirrrrrdddddd show…ewwww

  12. rickhuck64 says:

    The plane, the plane.

  13. slader45 says:

    Lol look at daw little man’s belly

  14. 3004z says:

    Does anyone know what island they are showing here? Fiji? In the second season they show scenes from Kauai but this isn’t Kauai. There are no reefs like this.

  15. 3004z says:

    @HUSKY57887 I think the island of Los Angeles because that is where the mansion really is ;) . Some of the scenery from the second season was shot in Kauai though.

  16. Thomistica says:

    This was a fuckin bizarre-ass show.

  17. winner502 says:

    hi aunt smelly
    jerks like me?
    hows that crack pipe doing still crackin it up!
    delusion is a way of life for you so i wish you happieness
    also im rich beech so happy days are here

  18. auntbecky says:

    @winner502 obama can’t be a facist if he’s a socialist.

    Btw, HE IS NEITHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why do jerks like you even exsist?

  19. mwillblade says:

    @HUSKY57887 pretty one .

  20. SimBe0web says:

    A Yo! Lol…

  21. MondoBeno says:

    Herve had the most insipid role I’ve ever seen. Every single line he utters is childish and idiotic. It’s the kind of role that serious actors should avoid, no matter how much it pays.

  22. KyleMclovin says:

    @Farsadelcatolicismo Actually he didn’t do drugs, he was just an alchoholic and was never a madman, and he committed suicide because he was in un-bearable pain

  23. winner502 says:

    50 grand
    thats nothing you get a drink and a boat trip
    thats inflation
    fantasy usa goverment gdp growth
    today we have bush a war mongrer and obama a facist
    it will be ruff tatoo these two men and congress destroyed america
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  24. darthmoop says:


    whats your name !?
    *sobbing* tatoo

  25. HUSKY57887 says:

    Which Island was this series filmed on?

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