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Fantasy Island TV intro (1978)

Tales of visitors to a unique resort island that can fulfill literally any fantasy requested. [TV-Series 1978-1984]
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25 Responses to “Fantasy Island TV intro (1978)”

  1. pbanta62 says:

    Tattoo: Who is that?
    Rourke: That is Mister Iaccoca, his fantasy is to save an American car company from bankruptcy and sell a luxurious car with seats of rich–corinthian–leather. Buried alive–Buried alive….

  2. KijkOnsNou says:

    @sldl04 We got ‘Lost’: an island, a plane, lots of fantastic adventures.

  3. sldl04 says:


    I remember it well. I was in my early teens when this and the Love Boat were popular. Love Boat at 9pm and Fantasy Island at 10. I was allowed to stay up late on Saturdays to watch em both. What the hell happened to good TV like this???

  4. KijkOnsNou says:

    @Jimbo65134 ;)

  5. Jimbo65134 says:

    @KijkOnsNou seriously… LOL!

  6. KijkOnsNou says:


  7. horus1971 says:

    This was great TV. But today we have American idol and Dancing with stars! ohhh my.

  8. WildBill6942 says:

    @szymczyk77 – good one, although I was 8 years old so that was out of the question.

  9. szymczyk77 says:

    ah yes, gettin laid…..

  10. WildBill6942 says:

    Ah yes, Saturday nights growing up. The Love Boat followed by Fantasy Island. Was there anything better?

  11. xvoy2002 says:

    I think this is the espisode where the brady bunch visit the island and Marcia finally gets to live her fantasy of being a high priced call girl!

  12. msmithstud says:

    it was always bath time for me when i heard this intro play on Saturday nights. i wouldn’t bath until i heard da plane da plane.

  13. eastnybabe says:

    A classic…loved it

  14. BigDutch100 says:

    a friendly version of LOST !

  15. youtoo5ify says:

    @lalillith Mr. Roarke was also classy, a far cry from what frequently passes for men these days.

  16. persianlady55 says:

    this was also a good show loved it miss it

  17. GenXAccord says:

    The first lady off the plane is non other than Marcia Brady…the original one.

  18. dreapster says:

    No, F the New NEW World Order, you know the one with the robot monkey zombies destined to overrun the Old Old World Disorder. I mean wait, yeah, definitely disorder.

  19. chaoscast says:

    marcia brady ….. oh my god! ;D

    beautiful =)

  20. aaronthebox says:


  21. FOBmuzungu says:

    damn good show…damn good acting

  22. acla9000 says:

    That’s right. YouTube is, above all, a chest of memories…

  23. TheLegendfamily says:

    @pault112: “Da plane, Boss, da plane!!” – LOL!!

  24. pault112 says:

    the plane the plane

  25. popnutty says:

    I always loved this program as a little kid. Nice plot with mostly happy endings! Love it! Smiles everyone ..smiles..CLASSIC! I so remember that. Tattoo’s da’ man! Chicks pretty hot too!.. NOT Marcia, lol.

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