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Fantasy Island Television Show Opening Theme Season 1 1978

Fantasy Island Television Show Opening Theme Season One Ricardo Montalban … Mr. Roarke (37 episodes, 1978-1984) HervĂ© Villechaize … Tattoo

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25 Responses to “Fantasy Island Television Show Opening Theme Season 1 1978”

  1. Nighthawke70 says:

    And Bill Bixby was on that ep too. I hope he got what he wanted, they sure didn’t want him to go hulk on them…

  2. tribeofgaul says:

    my fantasy would be to live a BOGART free life with REAL FRIENDS.

  3. rhyanwood1 says:

    50k a day. Roarke don’t like poor people. Must have been a Repub Tea bagger.

  4. GekkoKamen says:

    So, after all these years I realise the plane was a Grumman Goose. Am I right, fellow pilots? Or was it a Catalina?

  5. streetcarjay says:



    I loved this programme…….


    the plen the plen lol

  8. Lisajo1960 says:

    Smiles everyone….SMILES!!!

  9. Kharys100 says:

    @strident212 oh..really? i did’nt know he had made a beer comercial for radio…i thing this is a proof of his versality as an artist..and yes he has a very cosmopolitan style ;)

  10. strident212 says:

    @Kharys100 I am not Latin, but even as a kid I always loved his “cosmoploitan” aire and flair. A class act, better than that “most interesting man in the world” beer commercial that has been clogging the radio waves lately…

  11. Kharys100 says:

    how to forget Ricardo Montalban??..a proud for the latin comunity!!!

  12. MrWackypackages says:

    Hey asian chucky!

  13. luis3826 says:

    george lopez sent me here lol

  14. OFFENDOR says:

    Midget call plane plane coz he still waiting for female midget to arrive and fuck he tiny brains and penis……

  15. OFFENDOR says:

    This evil midget…he try kill James Bond 007………

  16. OFFENDOR says:

    I still waiting for plane to come so I go see midget….:(

  17. VulcanMassageIsBad says:


  18. petertownend says:

    @TheBaconEggAndCheese grow up you silly bastard,tattoo was shagging your mother i bet

  19. NickChaseMe says:

    @shadster73 That doesn’t really make sense. You shouldn’t comment anymore on anything. Whether vocally or in text form. Also fuck you very much.

  20. shadster73 says:

    Tattoo really personifies a tattoo – a little prick that never goes away!

  21. SunnyValeTP1 says:

    Mr. Roarke was a madman!

  22. TheBaconEggAndCheese says:

    Does anyone know where I can watch ‘Fantasy Island’ episodes online?

  23. kxmode says:

    @alphaecho100 five years ago the volcano erupted and everything on the island laid waste!

  24. kxmode says:

    S.S. Botany Island

  25. pdchr says:

    After that show was cancelled – the midget was caught raping a turtle.

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