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Fantasy Island Minisodes – Beauty Contest

Sally Quinn won the Bad Dad Contest. Now she’s on Fantasy Island to fulfill her childhood dream of winning a beauty contest. Really, she’s just trying to gain the affection of her estranged dad. Wouldn’t the vacation money be better spent on therapy? Watch hundreds of free full-length streaming movies and TV shows on TWITTER Tags: watch free streaming television tv video fantasy island Mr. Roarke Tattoo Ricardo Montalban Herve Villechaize 70s classic tv minisode beauty queen contest father

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25 Responses to “Fantasy Island Minisodes – Beauty Contest”

  1. otchacha says:

    psych 101 via minisode. college what?

  2. worseto says:

    That show can never be duplicated again ricardo montalban is just so magnetic on screen.

  3. classicphile says:

    I remember watching Fantasy Island (& The Love Boat) on a regular basis every Sat. night back in the early-mid 1980s when it still was originally on the air. Each and every episode (of both shows) providing fine escapist fantasy. Just the perfect kind of entertainment for a Sat. evening. Sat. nights are just not the same these days without Fantasy Island (& The Love Boat) airing on its usual channel (ABC) in its usual time slot (Love Boat: 9pm, Fantasy Island: 10pm). Its a crying shame, really.

  4. kezadrone says:

    Now that’s a suit!

  5. blackie3740 says:

    marsha marsha marsha !

  6. tvvdo says:

    marsha was pretty hot

  7. dxsmackdown8 says:

    its Khan !

  8. MinisodeNetwork says:

    @Gerkinstock Thanks!

  9. Gerkinstock says:

    Hey, love the Fantasy Island minisodes. Great job!

  10. MinisodeNetwork says:

    @Gerkinstock Ha! That’s a theory I’ve never heard.

  11. Gerkinstock says:

    It’s possible they all lived on the same island and just didn’t know it.

  12. Prockingmyheart says:

    Thanks for posting this video!

  13. caldragon7 says:

    Ceti Alpha V? I thought this was Gilligan’s Island!

  14. Replicatorz says:

    lol, must be before ceti alpha VI exploded.

  15. Xemnashizzo says:

    Also explains psychology of actresses, strippers, porn stars, and prostitutes

  16. jacobalatriste says:

    This isn’t Fantasy Island this is Ceti Alpha V!

  17. 1amsm1th says:


  18. CIR229 says:

    How do you know that

  19. proximu says:

    – QEPD –

  20. polonium9 says:

    we’ll miss ya ricardo

  21. MinisodeNetwork says:


  22. chilllpsupbabe says:

    cock lovin Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

  23. MinisodeNetwork says:

    he definitely will be missed!

  24. victorfan80 says:

    Damn I just learned the great Ricardo Montalban passed away :( so sad! I know he took some time off from Fantasy Island to get back into his evil Khan personage for Star Trek II! RIP Ricardo!

  25. fd1kinobi says:

    you will be missed senior montalban

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