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Fantasy Island intro/opening theme – Season 3

Here is opening theme/intro for season 3 of “Fantasy Island”. In this one, the hosts “just get to the point” approach as the guests arrive.
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25 Responses to “Fantasy Island intro/opening theme – Season 3”

  1. fadedexile says:

    @avonsuperfonman that’s freakin awesome

  2. scoobydo0214 says:

    ze plane ze plane

  3. cheapcape says:

    @JoanCollins2009 Indeed. Thankfully, we still have Netflix!!

  4. veeseee128 says:

    De PLANE! DE PLANE! Most memorable line to any tv opening.

  5. JoanCollins2009 says:


    you said that right there are no great programs now nothing like hert to heart this the love boat ….nothing

  6. avonsuperfonman says:

    I was just telling my kids how, in the third grade, I got in trouble for saying ‘The plane, The plane” and had to see if it was YouTube. They were LOL, when they saw it. 10 and 13yrs.

  7. Isabella1680 says:

    @sar2ns597r LOL this is really a good one :)

  8. wevegotdennis says:

    The dwarf can’t act for shit. He was much better in James Bond!

  9. cheapcape says:

    @amaolud78 The media would not have allowed that.

  10. cheapcape says:

    I loved watching this show right after Love Boat. It was like a fun escape every Saturday night. Now the best escape on Saturday nights is to turn the TV off!

  11. GenXorcist1976 says:

    What 80′s child worth his or her salt WASN’T shouting “THE PLANE! THE PLANE!” well into Sunday mornings after seeing an ep of “Fantasy Island”??? Oh, the memories…………….

  12. roflolawl0 says:

    The plane, the plane.

  13. RichardCyberPunk says:

    this is fake. the word “swinger” was not used in 1977. soh, duh, fake. other people spoke it…

    remember, Big Brother is Watching you…

  14. ritahable says:

    O avião,, o avião…!!! hehehe

  15. dermotoblong says:

    de plane de plane!

  16. amaolud78 says:

    @siciaznguy His little ass could have saved some lives.

  17. phishernj420 says:

    @georgiadawg18 don’t you mean Richardo Model-blonde

  18. FatherElectric says:

    @siciaznguy That was really funny!

  19. acla9000 says:

    Very, very good times!! (SIGH)

  20. siciaznguy says:

    Where was Tattoo on 9/11?

  21. STEPcoach says:

    the guest who wants to be a swinger played Earnest T. Bass on The Andy Griffith Show – still looking for a wife! “It’s me, it’s me, it’s Earnest T!”

  22. CaptainBuckRogers says:

    Small guy held out for more $. Got replaced by a cute girl and committed suicide. Moral of the story is don’t be too hungry. He had a cool, cushy job…be thankful and hush!

  23. Carini168 says:

    Greeeeaaaaaaatttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for uploading it. Nothing more special than Tatoo saying : zplane! zplane! it was the only interesting part of the show, just try to imagine this show without Tatoo, it is just impossible. We accept him one of us, we accept him one of us! gooble gabble one of us…..

  24. eci4r says:

    what the heck is taking so long for season 2 to get released out on DVD

  25. phototristan says:

    Were the gals on the island basically prostitutes?

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