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Fantasy Island intro/opening theme – Season 3

Here is opening theme/intro for season 3 of “Fantasy Island”. In this one, the hosts “just get to the point” approach as the guests arrive.
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25 Responses to “Fantasy Island intro/opening theme – Season 3”

  1. ksb100pr says:

    Mr Roarke battled the devil in one episode, and otherwise had supernatural powers. Was he an angel or some supernatural being??

  2. Megazord5 says:

    “What’s his fantasy, boss?”
    “Well, Tattoo, Mr. Sheen would like to have a lovely young island girl to his room where he will do a suitcase full of blow from atop her very expensive fake breasts. He needs her to have no inhibitions about her body, allowing him to delve in all manners of flesh sins without worry of disease or pregnancy, thanks to our trusty island doctor’s impromptu hysterectomy.”
    “Should I prep his lube gord, boss?”
    “HA! Yes of course, Tattoo! Only the best on Fantasy Island!”

  3. jonstjamesnumba1 says:

    people descent_ED from Irealand said N-O-T!!!

  4. mysticaltraveler1111 says:

    @musclecarluvr1 Ha! I came here for “Smiles, everyone! SMILES!” ! Funny :)

  5. musclecarluvr1 says:

    I came here to see if either of the top comments mentioned anything about DE PLANE! lol…for some reason i’m not shocked. Its about all i remember from Fantasy Island.

  6. ComradeLeonTrotsky says:

    @tacosandpussy A friend of mine has one in the style of the Pacino Scarface poster. underneath it it says ” say hello to my little friend ” funny shit.

  7. ilovesexilovenaked says:

    1_why Mr. Roarke used to refer to himself at every intro as “i’m your host Mr. Roarke” why not just Roarke?
    2_why his assistant had to be midgets ?

  8. ilovesexilovenaked says:

    question : was Mr. R gay ?

  9. johnnyray1717 says:

    @GekkoKamen Hehe,I mean… Bring back the 70′s !!

  10. GekkoKamen says:

    @johnnyray1717 The 70′s, Johnny… The 70′s…

  11. Godskid66 says:

    anyone know where this opening was filmed at? An Hawaiian island maybe?

  12. countryhoney28 says:

    I’m sorry, but tatoo reminds me of Scrappy Doo. Little and irritating.

  13. tacosandpussy says:

    im going to get a tattoo of tattoo

  14. strident212 says:

    RICARDO! Mr. Chrysler Spokesman! He comes across as a real class act. He’s not acting, he’s just himself in this show!

  15. salsa02 says:

    @imautism yeah i miss jackie she is this girl i know but i also miss moltanban.

  16. imautism says:

    @salsa02 ….miss him so much.:(

  17. SuperStoner90 says:

    that small dude always makes me laugh hes so funny…. :D

  18. VulcanMassageIsBad says:


  19. salsa02 says:

    Ricardo Montalban

  20. govermentufo says:

    wowww long time i ever try to fine this

  21. TheJoeyD27 says:

    Do you think that season three will ever be on DVD?

  22. macroevolve says:

    Back when you had no choice but to watch ABC, NBC, and CBS. That’s one thing I don’t miss…not having 100 channels

  23. delbard1 says:

    What was tattoo’s choice of M&M’s — The plain the plain
    plus in the past when I said a plan was unrealistic, I said the person lived on Fantasy Island

  24. alifia23 says:

    at this point to many want to know what the future holds in store. Put them all in pink Island.

  25. atfatw says:

    mr roarke was very much into bdsm it was part of tatoo’s job description to paddle his ass with a wooden paddle studded with sharp nails

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