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Fantastic Game Show Moments The strangest placees…

Newlywed game show. Censured word… (in the AaS)
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25 Responses to “Fantastic Game Show Moments The strangest placees…”

  1. hughtub says:

    Make whoopee? That’s the dumbest fucking way of referencing sex I’ve ever heard.

  2. liquidgee13 says:

    @fasteddie847 That’s exactly what she said …

  3. narusparchip007 says:

    whoopie. Ha.

  4. pittydirl says:

    I love these old newlywed game shows! I can’t help but wonder if these couples are still married.

  5. DrummerDude40 says:

    Thumbs up if you got board and looked up random stuff and found this

  6. dagawdfather2011 says:

    I was in the audience for this one

  7. alnilam66 says:


  8. landrykkb says:

    @fasteddie847 Because that’s exactly what she said!

  9. njrobinson95 says:

    That guy looks like Fidel Castro

  10. mrhand18 says:

    in the bum i watched this on tv in the 80s. it was funny as fcuk.she says the wildest place she ever made whoopi is in the bum.

  11. dodgers6620 says:

    LOL i would say in public

  12. liquidgee13 says:

    The GSN version of this is so lame especially compared to the genius of Bob Eubanks

  13. Hammerzeiterr says:

    what a slut

  14. corle1 says:

    Debbie is FIT!

  15. cappyjones says:

    my kind of girl!!

  16. igykalen says:

    Censured word lol

  17. KrIsKrOoS says:

    Cause she does.

  18. fasteddie847 says:

    It looks like she says “in the ass”

  19. miaflaguy says:

    That’s some special hair that Bob Eubanks has!!

  20. vestman95 says:

    “Ummmm, that would be up the butt, Bob.”

  21. glaked23 says:

    Those clothes.

  22. hexsmith says:

    @pmurcyard yes, that too.

  23. pmurcyard says:

    @hexsmith and “censored”

  24. hexsmith says:

    FYI, OP: you misspelled “ass”.

  25. jayci68 says:

    the BEST bloopers of the show!

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