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Famous TV Show Western Themes

This is a slideshow with pictures from the TV shows Bonanza, Rawhide, Wagon Train, and The Rifleman!
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25 Responses to “Famous TV Show Western Themes”

  1. ronetteloverz says:

    @melollylolly It is no longer politically correct to play cowboys and indians, unless of course, the cowboys are finding their feminine side, the cowgirls are tough wagon masters and the indians are successful casino operators…

  2. Gandalf1948 says:

    Thanks for the memories!

  3. Juanca7125 says:

    Exactamente yo hacia lo mismo
    que lindos recuerdos

  4. mythic89 says:

    I wish they knew how to make shows like this again !!!!

  5. downhill240 says:

    Beautiful memories!

  6. woody7075 says:

    favorite memory is Mark McCain always lamenting his lack of finances to Lucas McCain: “Geeee….Poooooorrr! (chuckle)

  7. paullytigereyeroot55 says:

    Loved the tv western themes!

  8. zipper179 says:

    Yup.. Gil Favor; Rowdy Yates; An’, ol’ ‘Wishbone’, the cook; Maj. Seth Adams; Lucas McCain, and his son, Mark.. Gee..Wasn’t tv fun..?

  9. Mapkit says:

    Will they ever make another western TV series? I doubt it. And if they did it would be so ‘politically correct’ that it would be a waste of time watching. Sure it was pure escapism, but sometimes people need that. Reality can be so boring sometimes. Maybe there IS some ‘young Spielberg’ just itching to get a chance at making an old style western TV series. I can but hope.

  10. boardey says:

    Great shows.
    We could not wait for next weeks episode.

  11. ladysharlyne says:

    Well done and if we had shows like this still on the television today we might see a different young adult and adults. Songs that made you walk away proud to be a human and hold your head high with pride in the men and women that tamed a continent… any continent… The knights of TIME!!! Thank you for this!

  12. Jazsngr says:

    Dang that was great! Love that song at the end too!………”Runaway Train.” Tis great!

  13. classic287 says:

    The Rifleman has always been my favorite……

  14. DOCANGEL12 says:


  15. GojyotheFeared says:


    To this date, that is the only tv western I have yet to see anything of.

    What I wouldn’t give for just one episode of that.

  16. Mavarla says:

    Thanks, EMT—yeah, at my age, I guess my ears ARE getting rusty! :-D Again, *great* clip!

  17. iliad97 says:

    The son ADAM from Bonanza died recently. he was the last one and they sadid in the papers now the last member of the Cartwright family has gone to Cowboy heaven

  18. Rory1127 says:

    Five star! Thank you for posting! Love the westerns!

  19. emt49 says:

    Eric drowned while making a movie.

  20. emt49 says:

    No, it’s Frankie

  21. Mavarla says:

    Frankie Laine sang the original version of the “Rawhide” theme song, but please, correct me if I’m wrong: Isn’t this Clint Eastwood, himself, singing in your clip? Sure sounds like him, but, maybe, my ears have just gotten rusty! :-D Great clip, by the way!

  22. johnsongbird says:

    Thank you for posting!
    And of course I enjoyed it!
    Some of it brought a hint of dampness to my eyes as I remembered things past.
    Things seemed so much simpler then.

  23. Pelaos1962 says:

    i just noticed that eric fleming, the crew master inRAWHIDE looks like liam neeson

  24. deniseobx252 says:

    Thanks for posting from one cowgirl to another!

  25. KaptKan1 says:

    Keep them dogies rollin’!

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