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Family members Fortunes – “Dirty Mags, Les!”

Yet another classic clip of Loved ones Fortunes featuring my brother’s friend’s family on there. The question asked is “name something a wife might not let her husband have in the residence” – and 1 of them says “Dirty mags” which naturally gets the big fat zero. There are some daft answers although!
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Family members Fortunes – “Dirty Mags, Les!””

  1. LisaJJMerry says:

    @expl0ded09 it would have been but she didn’t choose that as the answer, she chose engine parts instead

  2. tashdog1 says:

    i remember this one on challenge plus 1

  3. SilverSword522 says:

    lol Les’ reaction to ferret

  4. EastAngliaUK says:

    WOW A 21 inch Remote Control Television How Nice.

  5. expl0ded09 says:

    ‘girlfriend’ should have been accepted as ‘mistress’

  6. KT926 says:

    34 men have dirty mags, should be more than that cos there’s more than 34 men in the world!



  8. TheDiddlysquat says:

    I always remember Les asking this guy…
    Another name for your head and the guy replied “Nonce”…. classic

  9. cupcakefairy87 says:

    Poppy? That’s a girl’s name.

  10. xXSinisterKittyXx says:

    Les is a legend.

  11. SillyIrishPenguin says:

    If someone can send me a picture of a golf trolley, a motorbike, engine parts and a ferret in their house, I’ll send them 1 million…

    …dirty mags.

  12. nosaj2001 says:

    @jamescornerstone We surveyed a 100 people and none of them wanted to put on their survey that they all hide dirty mags in the house.Bye the way that tv s right out of the stone age.

  13. davthepunk says:

    @Showsni Maybe they asked people from Yorkshire?

  14. jamescornerstone says:

    i thought the dirty mags would be the top answer
    i was waiting for the no 1 ringing sound

  15. TheEnjoixx says:

    Lmao her name was literally “Gaye” :D

  16. TheEnjoixx says:

    Who the hell would name there child “H”?

  17. waterwind2266 says:

    What’s even weirder is, why did more than one person come up with Ferrett? Things can’t be that weird in Britain.

  18. CantusMaximus says:


  19. ooeyb says:

    can anyone upload the fillet o fish blooper? – with colin treasure

  20. KyoriSen says:

    Love his expression when ‘ferret’ came up. But he didn’t think to laugh at golf trolley….? 0.o?

  21. chef123 says:

    even the host is like, ferret?

  22. DragnSly says:

    I thought that guy would eventually shorten his name to “lol”


  23. mistofoles says:

    “Lolly” and “Poppy”?? Hmm…

  24. dontbro says:

    mechanical parts….of an angine

  25. Showsni says:

    Where on earth do they find the people they survey? Of 100 surveyed, 9 people’s first thought was ferret? What? Where they in a pet shop or something when they asked them?

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