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Family Feud: Richard Dawson Won’t Stop Laughing

An old episode of family feud in which lady says a funny answer and Richard Dawson wont stop laughing about it..
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25 Responses to “Family Feud: Richard Dawson Won’t Stop Laughing”

  1. juan833blue says:

    @resdsox1 Yep, that episode which the two men said; “Name an Animal with 3 letters in its name.”
    1st guy: Frog
    2nd Guy: Alligator
    Funny Stuff and the September one is hilarious!!!

  2. resdsox1 says:

    @juan833blue You mean alligator

  3. juan833blue says:

    @antster1983 let’s also not forget Frog as well.

  4. DisneySongsify says:

    I literally have not laughed so much in my life! This video is simply priceless!

  5. omegagamer2 says:

    @ggilley71 i wasn’t even old enough to watch Richard Dawson, as I’m only 16, i discovered this guy on youtube, and I LOVE HIM

  6. omegagamer2 says:

    @ggilley71 this guy and Steve Harvey are fucking gold! I love these 2 guys!

  7. keybobrob says:

    Hilarious!!…i never saw Richard laugh so much before on Fam Feud…….CLASSIC!…that REALLY tickled him!! LOL

  8. amcanmike says:


  9. MegaLangosta says:

    I wanted to see how the score came out…

  10. torontonian1978 says:

    @AirbenderSora totally agreed. ive just recently been watching the way earlier episodes and people were just far more liberal then they are now. looks like ppl felt more willing to express themselves on tv naturally

  11. Jamescs007 says:

    did anything like this ever happen again?

  12. TheKwacie says:


  13. italiandom7221991 says:

    3:52 “how the hell did you people get on this show!?” lmfao

  14. B120387 says:

    @AirbenderSora not to mention he wasn’t frenching them it was just a peck

  15. cloudstone123 says:

    @coolstir10 Think about the question and you’ll understand.

  16. frtw4428 says:

    Did they actually air this thing in its entirety? It is one of the funniest segments from any game show – Dawson completely cracking up at 2:20!

  17. teamdamon91girl says:

    richard was the best family fued host.

  18. daydodontdaydoh says:

    @coolstir10 she said september when everybody knows it’s february

  19. coolstir10 says:

    can someone explain this to me? What’s so funny about it?

  20. kasteman1 says:

    “Hold the Claack!” lol

    2:22 The original ROFLMAO.

  21. kasteman1 says:

    “Hold the Claack!” lol

  22. theman8ball says:

    did anyone hear his voice crack when he asks to stop the clock

  23. jimmychonga69 says:

    The best part was when he asked” Name a noisy bird” A CUCKOO!!!! lmao

  24. 25Chevyguy says:

    Steve harvey and Louie anderson tied for being the worst host of the family fued

  25. swimboy1982 says:

    reminds me of the answer on the feud the other day with the lady blurted out PENIS, and Steve Harvey lost it. That will be a classic moment. Too funny.

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