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Family Feud: Richard Dawson Won’t Stop Laughing

An old episode of family feud in which lady says a funny answer and Richard Dawson wont stop laughing about it..

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25 Responses to “Family Feud: Richard Dawson Won’t Stop Laughing”

  1. cujospawn says:

    “Cuckoo? How the hell did you people get on this show?” @3:36

  2. mrburns805 says:

    That sucks. That second girl is so nervous haha

  3. FoolyCoolyx989 says:

    The laughing is contagious LOL!

  4. deadsearolls says:

    This happend to me at school once it was pretty embarrassing because nobody but me and this girl new what was funny

  5. kingotnw says:

    Can’t get much better than Richard Dawson after a few drinks!

  6. johnscrutch says:

    u really think bout September is the ninth month and it take 9 months to have a baby but still it funny

  7. Danbo342 says:

    3:58 “Ahh the hell with that”. Love it!

  8. m109r1800 says:

    RichARD was the MAN

  9. AdDd45 says:

    I would be laughing my ass off too lol
    wtf what an idiot

  10. dmsunshine8 says:

    i bet nobody won with him being the host, laughing all the time. Lol x)

  11. 100percentgradeA says:

    hold the clock

  12. tbone24100 says:

    When Richard fell 2 da floor he said “September” whlie lauging @2:22!!

  13. ChrisLahay says:

    One of the funniest videos I’ve seen on Youtube in a very long time… Thanks!

  14. WatchVenusSpa says:

    Greatest game show host ever.

  15. Tweed90Wrestling says:

    what year was this?

  16. NilsMcCloud says:

    1:10 Huhummmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Seriously…XD

  17. trashyourplace says:

    Thanks for posting, I laughed so hard this is some funny stuff, Richard Dawson is so cute…

  18. KickstartYourHeart says:

    he’s the best

  19. seahawksxl says:

    Cathy sportin the beiber doo.

  20. thecayman1974 says:

    this was a different time back when people were not so sue happy!!!! Dawson was, and still is a great guy!!!

  21. Tweed90Wrestling says:

    longest 20 seconds ever haha

  22. Manwithnoname27 says:

    This is great not only do I love the Family Feud but outtakes are the best

  23. seahawksxl says:

    Hold the clock!

  24. mathprodigy says:

    @mightykamina2009 Lol that is pretty funny, too!

  25. rocksoliddude1 says:

    @AirbenderSora in this day and age everything is considered sexualised, it’s gone insane

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