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Family Feud – Ray Combs Finale (Part 2 of 2)

Fast Money round and closing from Ray Combs’ last appearance on Family Feud. Watch closely after Ray says goodbye at the end – he darts out of the studio and leaves the winning family alone for the closing credits.

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25 Responses to “Family Feud – Ray Combs Finale (Part 2 of 2)”

  1. 1223steffen says:

    @kittycat321430 your brother was a funny guy.

  2. TheAverycross says:

    Mr. Combs was simply a great and entertaining host, especially of Family Feud. Thank God for YouTube so we can see him at his best

  3. jayanxiety says:

    @kittycat321430 Just to let you know, I thought Ray was not only the best Family Fued host, but also the best game show host ever. He had so much energy, wit and humour. The show hasn’t recovered since his era! A true legend.
    My favorite phase of Ray, “Bullseye!!!!”

  4. violentjett says:

    Ray Combs = coward

  5. megadarren2 says:

    AMEN to that we still love you Ray. My favorite Family Feud host.

  6. mleverich1991 says:

    something a bricklayer uses: BRICKS!!!!!
    The best place to people-watch: the mall
    A Kind of fly: firefly
    something mother’s and daughters fight over: this stumped me but boyfriend was good
    Something that should be built to last: A house

  7. taurnguard says:

    That second family member looked like he was losing on purpose.

    Something a bricklayer uses and you can’t even think of ‘brick’???

  8. timegrrl says:

    This is so sad. I liked both, Richard Dawson and Ray Combs. I don’t understand why they ever got rid of Ray. He was always so cute and cheery. Family Feud is one of my favorite game shows. Always loved watching it… Missed him not being on there.

  9. KREEPNASTY1 says:

    R.I.P. Ray…You were a

    Class act…

  10. 2040Rumely says:

    Ray Combs was a gentleman and deserved better…Rest in Peace Ray…

  11. nmcvicker03 says:

    @kittycat321430 I was a kid when he was on and I always liked him and watching this brings back good memories. Very sad what happened. And you’re absolutely right, people are so desensitized and don’t realize that there are actually people that are affected by all tragedies and they feel like they can joke about it because they are so far away that it almost feels fake. May he rest in peace. And god bless your family.

  12. bgmiller5 says:

    @poiuytrewq1030 He some mental issues to deal with, but I don’t think the derogatory statements are necessary.

  13. mrdante361 says:

    “I thought I was a loser ,but then you walked up here” I love it.

  14. OmegaXP says:

    How surreal is it to hear him tell the last contestant “This could be the first time someone get zero points on this…and I think it’d be a d*** fine way to go out.” R.I.P.

  15. jliuatl says:

    They did a story on Game Show Hosts Now and Then today – didn’t include Ray, but he was one of my favorites, and I was sad when I heard he passed away.

  16. cranemanj75 says:

    Best host of Family Feud ever!!!! RIP Ray

  17. poiuytrewq1030 says:

    I was Once a great Ray Combs fan, but after hearing what he did to himself disgusts me. That sick fuck needed help.

  18. gallion21 says:

    Ray was the best host of this, when i think “survey says!” i think ray combs, maybe thats stupid but its an iconic phrase :) at least i think so

  19. idolfreak7 says:

    @kittycat321430 Sorry, I didn’t know that.

  20. kittycat321430 says:

    @idolfreak7 i am 18 my mom was on my profile so hop off, my mom is his sister

  21. idolfreak7 says:

    @kittycat321430 I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but unless your profile is wrong, it says that you are 18. Unless you are his niece or his child, he would’ve been in his late 30′s when you were born so you can’t be his sister.

  22. violetphoenix10 says:

    I also agree w/ MuttwithaPedigree. I’ve seen so much venom spewed at people who comment on YouTube and it makes me not want to watch YouTube.

  23. violetphoenix10 says:

    Ray Combs and Richard Dawson were my favorite hosts of Family Feud. RIP, Ray. You were the man!

  24. MuttwithaPedigree says:

    @kittycat321430 Your message should apply to every video on YouTube. There are so many personal attacks. I wish people would grow up and show some respect.

    Your brother was a great host. I wish you and your family the best.

  25. Rickamundo1937 says:

    Ray was the best host Family Feud ever had!

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