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Family Feud – Ray Combs Finale (Component 1 of 2)

Intro and “Bullseye” game from Ray Combs’ last look of Loved ones Feud. Note he makes no acknowledgement of it in this clip. (He jokes about it briefly in the Quickly Cash round, which can be noticed in portion two.)
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25 Responses to “Family Feud – Ray Combs Finale (Component 1 of 2)”

  1. tpir1972 says:

    Does anyone have the final episode of the daytime Family Feud rom 1994?

  2. ReturnToTheNextLevel says:

    When the producers decided to let Ray go and bring back Richard Dawson, it really devastated Ray. Though he did go on to host “Family Challenge” on the Family Channel, it wasn’t the same for him and he eventually killed himself. I believe Ray Combs had great potential to be a very sucessfully game show host but unfortunately he didn’t give himself a chance because he was so distraught over being fired from Family Feud and thus lost all of his confidence.

  3. itubeTourettesGuy says:


  4. odog65 says:

    @staceytrim him Dawson and John O Hourley are the best it would have been cool if they had a Morning Noon and Late Night one with Dawnson hosting one Ray hosting one and John Hosting one but where to put the hosts.

    I’d put Ray in the morning to get my day going Richard to keep the momentum going and John to wind down

  5. evillttlimp says:

    @peakster753 Not at all. It pisses me off, too. It’s like they’re trying to pretend he never existed. Horrible.

  6. chelseadeems says:

    i wish i would have remembered you. my mom named me after your daughter :) i don’t believe the rumors, i will always be part of your family. i love you.

  7. ashleywb33 says:

    RIP … I loved ya Ray!!!!

  8. nextbarker says:

    In fact, Sunday marked 14 years since he hung himself.

  9. peakster753 says:

    Am I the only one that hates that GSN has stopped reairing Combs Family episodes?

  10. mmoneyitswhereitsat says:

    @RySenkari lol touerttes guy

  11. CombatSportFan says:

    Best Family Feud host in the history of the show, and it’s just sad that his life ended so tragically =(

  12. bigweezey says:

    u suck

  13. thehourcup says:

    lifes too short fuck problems let them all go and live free. i used too want to kill my self too. now i just want to haunt people on the internet,,,

  14. RySenkari says:

    I’d shoot myself too, if my last name was… COOOOOOMMMMBS

  15. kambreesuncle2 says:

    No He didn’t!!!! He hung himself.

  16. jasondh22 says:

    i loved Ray Combs. Too bad he shot himself in the head.

  17. pricefan87 says:

    Where’s the full episode?

  18. pricefan87 says:

    The five questions starting at $1,000 all the way through $5,000 in increments of $1,000 for each family member for the 11th Season of Bullseye Round of Family Feud. Same rules apply for the Ray Combs version except the Families start putting $15,000 into their banks.

  19. pricefan87 says:

    Bullseye Round is making a comeback for the 11th Season of Family Feud hosted by John O’Hurley.

  20. jrjr143 says:

    good quote jrjr !!

  21. lostpinup says:

    your right it is an illness

  22. BigJumboJet says:

    by far the best FF host ever

  23. EveSuvari says:

    His wife re-married not too long afterwards. It’s really sad. Poor guy lost everything and it seemed like he didn’t have close friends and his own family seemed to be against him…I shouldn’t blame them because i don’t really know the whole story but it really seems like he had no support.

  24. jrjr143 says:

    your a idiot!! being unhappy with ones life and wanting to end it IS NOT A ILNESS!

  25. BigStick3456 says:

    Um, thats a ilness.
    So tell me, how is the prozac working on you?

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