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Family Feud Clean Sweep

Here the first contestant gets all 200 points for fast money and Ray Combs (best FF host EVER!!) plays a trick on the second contestant with some funny fake questions…
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25 Responses to “Family Feud Clean Sweep”

  1. libertatus says:

    This is terrific!

  2. TheJamesgordon43 says:

    @kingness701 You’re right, she does. I thought you meant the first lady.

  3. TheJamesgordon43 says:

    @kingness701 No, she looks more like Jasmine Guy from “A Different World” than Phylicia Rashad from “The Cosby Show.”

  4. bearcub347 says:

    is it a little weird how close Ray Comb is? It’s like he won’t let go of her, and she is super-awkward because of it.

  5. RySenkari says:

    Thumbs up if you think Ray Combs would be hosting Price is Right today if he was still alive!

  6. TokyoScarab says:

    we all know dawson was the best host

  7. markedwards71 says:

    @yourpalboots I actually remember that show and was looking for it when I found this….

  8. thevirginator says:

    @yourpalboots You were probably dreaming

  9. Chynna020 says:

    @kingness701 dats wat ii said

  10. bollywoodbadboy78 says:

    RIP Ray Combs

  11. bollywoodbadboy78 says:

    RIP Raye Colms

  12. joeyadler2266 says:

    19 families applied for family feud and got denied

  13. 2040Rumely says:

    I thought the same thing!

  14. pubuman says:

    @yourpalboots Yeah religious groups are full of cunts, after all Christians support paedophilia and rape

  15. ldcoyz says:

    This wasn’t the first clean sweep for Ray Combs. My sister got a clean sweep and I was asked the silly questions, back when Fast Money only got you $5000, in 1991. Search: Family Feud Christmas ’91 – it is episode 4 – part 4

  16. wcalvert says:

    Maybe being called creepy is why Ray Combs committed suicide, no?

  17. dexylover says:

    fuckin amazing!

  18. thebigb0ss says:


    I remember that episode, i came on to look for it too. The first question he asked was, if you were to steal a car, what would you steal, lol, so funny

  19. moneybelt22 says:

    @swizzbeats1212 that guy is dead !!! rip

  20. MrKaliom says:

    What is it with Family Feud hosts and huge heads?

  21. AwestaKhalid says:

    I agree, Ray Combs was the best..

  22. swizzbeats1212 says:

    this guys a creep

  23. The7legacy says:

    The first lady was hot.

  24. angelbattler says:

    @yourpalboots I coul beleive after what I’ve seen, buddy

  25. NeuroHead says:

    he is creepy

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