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Family Feud Bad Answers

This fast money from Family Feud 1976 1st season feature some bad answers. But Don’t feel bad for them, they won 36. Even though, the 2nd part, the guy was acting like a jackass. But no cussing please, or your comment wil be removed & you’ll be blocked right on the spot. I’m not playing! I’m warning & advising all of you.

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25 Responses to “Family Feud Bad Answers”

  1. shoredude2 says:

    @IoEstasCedonta Since the beginning of time, dumbass.

  2. IoEstasCedonta says:

    @shoredude2 Since when do most delis only sell kosher?

  3. FusionNinjin says:

    let see
    i wake up in the morning, i go to bed at night, north carolina thats ok, pickles juck, and of corse i put tea bags in the tea

  4. AxDxMizanin says:

    in the morning?
    at dip retard

  5. resdsox1 says:

    & being the einstein that you are you said morning

  6. sushidog7 says:

    the chick who was 1st was hot

  7. PeterFormaini says:

    @shoredude2 Good point! My bad! :D

  8. shoredude2 says:

    @PeterFormaini Or the fact that most delis only sell kosher, and ham can never be kosher.

  9. Vrfan88 says:

    @PirateEyepatch but you dont “order” them…do you?

  10. Vrfan88 says:

    @gutchman84 cuz turkey and cheese kick more ass

  11. PeterFormaini says:

    @gutchman84 Probably because most of us buy ham at the supermarket. They think of more esoteric things when you specify a ‘Deli”. You can buy ham almost anywhere.

  12. Bianka18LG says:

    Ide say he was too smart for this game hahah!

  13. Bianka18LG says:

    too funny

  14. Opollo123 says:

    fuck shit bitch cunt ass dick nigger

  15. jk6453 says:

    lol pickles

  16. babygangster911 says:

    @Scrumdidilyumpchious u just embarrased urself

  17. PirateEyepatch says:

    @tatertotter808 also lemon might be a good answer.

  18. PirateEyepatch says:

    Why is “pickles” a bad answer? I mean, whenever I think of a delicatessen I imagine a big jar of pickles on the counter.

  19. hannahjb1310 says:

    @ghidfg NC is a southern state, but even so, it was his best answer

  20. sasaki642 says:


  21. darkstonian says:

    TEA–BAG!! XD

  22. darkstonian says:

    TEA-BAG!!!! XD

  23. macarion says:

    @ghidfg Because North Carolina is more important.

  24. MRKiNGr82 says:

    @ghidfg North carolina is considered a southern state

  25. ASPCS says:

    A southeren state
    North Carolina 2:37

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