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Family Feud 2010 Edition

Family Feud 2010 Edition

  • Essential Tool for Planning a Sleepover Party
  • Virtual Hostess – with the help of Aimee, you’ll be able to plan all the details of your party and have fun at the same time
  • Choose a Fun Theme – for your party, from Halloween to Hollywood to the Beach
  • Create Shopping Lists – for decorations, food, make-up, and more
  • Customize your Party Schedule – with the things that you and your friends want to do

Family Feud 2010 Edition Wii

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List Price: $ 29.99

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5 Responses to “Family Feud 2010 Edition”

  1. perfectvelvet says:

    Review by perfectvelvet for Family Feud 2010 Edition
    I was so excited to see that Family Feud was coming to the Wii; the console is really lacking in game show games, and that’s a big hit with my family. Believe it or not, they got this one mostly right.

    Family Feud, along with The Price is Right 2010 Edition and the upcoming Press Your Luck, uses the same or similar selection of 16 avatars for your player. You can save this avatar to a profile under your name and, while playing single player mode, unlock new hairstyles and clothing. The avatars in Family Feud are mostly the same as Price is Right 2010; there are a couple of different ones.

    The graphics are pretty standard, nothing spectacular, although they do a good job of making it as close to the show as possible. Your family consists of 4 people, not 5: your avatar and 3 randomly chosen others. In single player mode, my family keeps changing. You start right away with a face off, and buzzing in is as simple as swinging your Wiimote down. You have 15 seconds or so to put in your answer — it’s not as hard as it sounds. Put in the first two letters, and the game will guess what you’re trying to put. (I’ve found that if it doesn’t guess your word, that’s not the answer!) If it’s a single word answer, click that word when it shows up, and it automatically answers for you. If you have more than one word, point and click those letters fast so you can get to the second word and hope it shows up. However, if you can’t think of an answer or make a mistake, it can be tricky to get something up there in time. (At least it’s not like the PS2 version of Family Feud, which was almost unplayable!)

    For the most part, the top answers are good. There are, of course, some really dumb ones. We had the question “Name a singer known only by one name.” The usual were easy: Madonna, Cher, Sting. But the last two answers were Kiss (not even a singer!) and Elvis. Another question “Name a food you need a spatula for” had pancakes but also included spaghetti. I don’t know anyone who uses a spatula for spaghetti! It can get frustrating when the answers are so bizarre that you can’t sweep the board.

    After you get 300 points (there is a sudden death where you have to get the top answer if you don’t get it in 4 rounds), you have the Fast Money Round. You’ve got your two chances, just like the show, and it’s pretty easy. We’ve only lost once.

    Single player involves your family against other computer-generated families that have their own little stories. For the first five, which I’ve beaten, they are incredibly easy and generally have really off-the-wall answers (one family would duplicate something I answered earlier). Beating the family unlocks the next one as well as two new pieces of clothing or hairstyles.

    Multiplayer pits you against a friend (or friends – this is the ultimate party game because you could have as many people as you wanted on each team); each of you need a Wiimote.

    Family Feud, compared to Price is Right, is a lot like the game show. It’s fun to play with friends, and there are always a few laughs at the choices when you put your two letters in. I’m very impressed by how well it transferred over. This one will be a big hit in our family for a while.

  2. Gabe says:

    Review by Gabe for Family Feud 2010 Edition
    I just opened this game today and I love it BUT it will frustrate you! I gave an answer of “applesauce”, got a strike but “apple sauce” was on the board. Gave an answer of “plates” and it gave me credit for “paper cups”. Not the same! Gave an answer of “seat” and it gave me credit for “bathing suit”. What? Gave an answer of “gorilla”, got a strike but “apes” came up. This is just within the first 15 minutes of playing, curious to see what other oddities come about!

  3. Christine J. White says:

    Review by Christine J. White for Family Feud 2010 Edition
    I think perfectvelvet gave a great review, so, everything she said but I’d also like to add one thing; a warning if you will….

    I have a 7 yr old son who LOVES this game and is too happy to play it for hours. The questions are challenging (at times) for an adult, but a clever child could do very well, also. My son gets many answers I don’t even think of!

    HOWEVER….one of the questions we ran across last night was, “Name an age children stop believing in the tooth fairy” Oh my gosh, my heart sank :-( He took it in stride and never said a thing after, but now I’m worried there’s a Santa question too!! This is rated “E”, but perhaps the creators don’t yet have children?? I don’t know but it was a HUGE disappointment for me…. The game is great but I just didn’t see that coming.

    Just beware!

  4. E. Yurchak says:

    Review by E. Yurchak for Family Feud 2010 Edition
    This game makes me really have to wonder about Ubisoft, the company who created the game. While I haven’t encountered any major software issues yet, the game could use a truckload of improvement. First off the 15 second’s they give you to enter your answer is far to short for some people. My wife and I were able to do it most of the time but if you accidentally mess up a letter or something good luck. It does do a little in the way of guessing the answer your trying to input however usually you have to enter a few letters before your answer comes up. But some people aren’t as quick with the wii remote and possibly the layout of a keyboard. I remember a jeopardy game for ps2 that gave you the option to extend the input time. It’s very disturbing that that isn’t an option here. Actually other than some volume settings there are no options whatsoever to customize the game.

    Next the answers themselves are sometimes impossible. One question we got “Other names people call a Nerd” or something. And some of the answers were jerk and idiot. Who would guess those? And most of the questions had answers like this. It looks like the game developers just took whatever answer someone said and put it in. If the question was What color is the sky? And someone said Ford Focus as an answer that would be in the game. I’m sure the TV show does not do the same thing. Then as other people said sometimes the connections between what you said and the answer it gives credit for is not the same. One time we entered in fork and got buzzed but entered spoon and got credit for silverware. Last time I checked a spoon and a fork were both silverware. Other then this, the game looks sort of like TV show but the whole thing seems to just have been done on the cheep. It’s just a way to cash in on the “family party games”. If you absolutely must have this game it will do but just wait a few months and it will be 19.99 or less. Hopefully some company will come along who actually cares about making TV game show video games.

  5. J. Lucas says:

    Review by J. Lucas for Family Feud 2010 Edition
    I am a previous owner of Family Feud on the PC. We absolutely loved it and played it every game night. When I saw they had it for the Wii I was pumped!! My biggest disappointment was in the “Fast Money” round. Typically you have one player on the team go first while another leaves the room or closes their eyes etc. (On the PC game you only had to close your eyes because the game didn’t read the questions out loud to you) On this game not only does it read the questions out loud but the previous players answers stay on the board. No chance for having the question be a surprise for the 2nd player. In my opinion this takes a lot of the fun away.

    As previous reviewers have said, it’s very difficult to type your answer in time if you make a spelling mistake. Some answers are way out there and the avatars are very basic with very little chance to customize them. Why couldn’t we use our Miis instead?

    The basic fun of the game is still there but it could have been much better. I don’t think it was worth it for the price.

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