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Falcon Crest season 1 opening credits

The intro of the first season of Falcon Crest (1981 – 1982)
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25 Responses to “Falcon Crest season 1 opening credits”

  1. Nemesis7293 says:

    One of the most beautiful, electrifying themes in the history of television. A triumph by Bill Conti. Sadly, full length themes are a relic of the past, as such time now is taken up by yet more commercials. If a series even has recognizable theme now it is only seconds long to make room for even more advertising. I’m old enough to remember when there was quality television instead of the commercial whoring of today.

  2. 1TU3 says:

    Mybluebelly: air wolf and knight rider

  3. mybluebelly says:

    People, i think this one takes the cake. Or do you have any better???

  4. cahillgreg says:

    0:32 Chase Gioberti about to unleash the fury

  5. jrmetmoi says:

    @dbastard1977 He looked good though while he was doin it though! LOL

  6. jrmetmoi says:

    This was a great score!

  7. snipercheez says:

    I can remember back when I was four till the show went off the air….my mom letting me stay up to watch this on Friday nights, and Dallas. Then on Thursday nights it was Knots Landing.

    I think I was the only boy that watched these shows when I was little.

    I’m so weird.

  8. Maryandalbertito says:

    Oleeeeeeeeeee que bonitaaaa jajajajajajaa
    albertito teamo jaja

  9. OlgaMariaMaria says:

    oh thks for uploading this, i remember when i just to watched this many years ago at home , great memories!

  10. hamursh says:

    Did you know that this show was originally called “The Vintage Years?”

  11. Camiloo21986 says:

    i think that the intros in the series showed a little respect for the audience… they wanted to give us quality.. now everything is about time and commercials.

  12. XJorgeLorenzoSpain1X says:

    @sean23 The Spanish language was “born” in Basque lands in northern Spain when the Basques and the Romans´╗┐ who were livin in harmony came up with it

  13. 2007bedifferent says:

    one of the best 80s theme tunes, i reckon, if not THE best!

  14. 2007bedifferent says:

    one of the best 80s theme tunes, i reckon, if not THE best!

  15. 2007bedifferent says:

    one of the best 80s theme tunes, i reckon, if not THE best!

  16. BasquelandSpain says:

    sean23 No son,the original white Europeans are the Basque.Dont believe me? Look it up.

  17. jmjfanss says:


    Lorenzo Lamas.

  18. thatsdisgusting says:

    Renegade on Falcon Crest?? Can’t remember that one …

  19. arevaloanthony says:

    My mom loves this show… ^__^

  20. dango0815 says:

    This was a time, when even (some) soap operas where worth watching !

  21. Mascro1977 says:

    or is it the NETWORKS have become more greedy!

  22. 2009R74 says:

    The Best opening credits ever…

  23. shaler4 says:

    @5stringofFernandoSor, Agreed!! What happened to opening themes?? More car, lawyer and political ads..ick!!

  24. Zacman123 says:

    Such a magnificent music score

  25. blktenor says:

    That Abby Dalton lady Looks really pretty.

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