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Falcon Crest season 1 opening credits

The intro of the very first season of Falcon Crest (1981 – 1982)

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25 Responses to “Falcon Crest season 1 opening credits”

  1. dwetick says:

    Chiller Theatre? Boy, that brings back memories…the most fun way to spend Sat. night with host Bill Cardill!

  2. TheLastOfTheFinest80 says:

    The Cold War would of ended sooner if Reagan and Jane Wyman stayed married.

  3. sobe9ball says:


  4. kip9999 says:

    Jamie Rose was a hot fire crotch

  5. cialis76 says:

    Was für eine wundervolle Titelmelodie, vielleicht die Beste überhaupt, zu einer der legendärsten Prime-Time-Soaps der Fernsehgeschichte.
    Ich liebe Falcon Crest, mehr noch als Dallas und Denver. Solche genialen und wundervollen Serien gibt es heute einfach nicht mehr.
    Schade drum, aber die Erinnerung, auch dank dieser unvergesslichen Titelmelodie, bleibt für immer bestehen.

  6. MissDee091 says:

    Such a shame that SoapNet doesn’t air this program. Anyone who watches ABC soaps knows that Brian Frons is an ass.

    An even bigger pile of bs that Season 1 can be purchased on Amazon. com for $15, and other seasons cost over $50.

    Maybe I should ask the Easter Bunny for a TV station…

  7. screenwitch says:

    @Nemesis7293 … yes… such as the show New Christine… some woman cooing “ooooo, ya-a, ya-a, ya.” and that’s it, the theme… LOL.

  8. screenwitch says:

    Best music and best looking cast of the genre. Susan Sullivan, how gorgeous is she?! ;-)

  9. screenwitch says:

    @expos73 … especially @0:08 – 0:12 !

  10. juggledeeez says:

    I was too young to understand this show as a kid…But what I do remember is watching these opening credits immediately after The Dukes of Hazzard went off, just so i could see the falcon turn his head near the end of the theme. It got me every time! i distinctly remember my parents and aunt saying, uh oh jason. . here comes the bird!

  11. statesideqsod says:

    I enjoyed wathching this show every week with my wife just before we were married. The some years later we met Lorenzo Lamas at “Chiller Theater” and I told him how much we enjoyed the show every week and he agreed it was a great way to spend a Friday Night. He sure was right!

  12. mishim100 says:

    @Nemesis7293 Some of my favorite tv series intros from the 80s include Masada and North and South.

  13. fluvoid says:

    By far the best theme of all these legendary series. Although I have watched little of Falcon Crest I liked it. It was more simplistic than Dynasty and the fact that was rural made it more romantic and catcy. I also don’t watch series anymore. There not gonna be again series like Dynasty, Dallas and Falcon Crest. The new ones are one of the same and are devoid of the originality of the abovementioned. Only by hearing this song memories come by and give that nice nostalgic feeling.

  14. FaIconCrest says:

    Amazing! a big fan, thumbs up!

  15. barthelomeus40 says:

    Falcon Crest,Dynasty,Dallas,Hill street blues,Baretta,North and South,Centennial,How the west was won,Love Boat,etc…etc.. etc…
    Much better then todays tv….

  16. 0621katzenfreunde says:

    Das ist auch die Musik von Zuhause im Glück von RTL2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111

  17. CapPicard says:

    @skywheelrider Yep, I loved Thursday and Friday nights. Magnum PI and Knots Landing, and Dallas and Falcon Crest respectively. :)

    I wondered who JR could tick off next. :D

  18. pjaayit8 says:

    Can anybody upload falcon crest video episode by episode?
    Or anybody know which channel in Youtube have the falcon crest video episode by episode?

  19. Mascro1977 says:

    falcon crest theme = bedtime!

  20. shthd84 says:

    It starts out like the opening to full house

  21. expos73 says:

    The opening theme kicks ass !

  22. gravelandgrain100 says:

    @mark40511 – Falcon Crest had very over the top acting, amazing locales, and the grand-bitch Angela Channing that could rip you to shreds in the wink of an eye. It also had the mystique of a wine dynasty in the families in the valley-Agrettis and Giobertis.

    But the last two years are what sank this one-much like “Dallas”-the attention was on too many different people instead of 10 main characters. The storylines failed as a result, sadly.

  23. skywheelrider says:

    @sxwrulz Yep! Imagine that, FRIDAY NIGHT! Now whatever is put on Friday night is just filler for the most part. It’s just another night on television. Of course, back then you did not have over 300 channels to choose from, either.

  24. skywheelrider says:

    Friday night was television event night back then….Dallas, followed by Falcon Crest. I was a child during that time, and from 9-11pm you DID NOT bother my parents, except during commercials. If us kids followed that simple rule, we were allowed to stay up until 11pm. For that reason, this show became one of my favorites to watch. And heaven forbid the phone ring at any time during that two hour block! LOL

  25. stephanos68 says:

    The best opening theme music

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