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Falcon Crest Reunion – A Appear Back – Opening

This is an Opening for the Falcon Crest Reunion “A Look back” which was held at the Paley Center for Media on October 12, 2010. Thanks to Jim Halterman for letting me use his video footage from the reunion. Please go to or his youtube channel Falcon Crest Reunion Opening: Starring David Selby, Robert Foxworth, Lorenzo Lamas, Ana-Alicia, Jamie Rose, Abby Dalton, Margaret Ladd, Susan Sullivan and series creator Earl Hamner Music by Bill Conti (with additional arrangement by Marc Bradley / / )
Video Rating: five / five

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18 Responses to “Falcon Crest Reunion – A Appear Back – Opening”

  1. SharonTateFan4ever says:

    Great job!

  2. TimsDale4ever says:


  3. Skybird1970 says:

    The FALCON CREST 30th ANNIVERSARY Reunion will be December 3, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. For all the details as well as to REGISTER, go to:

    w w w . vintagetvreunions. com / falconcrest

    The cast is looking forward to meeting all of you there. Book now as seating is limited. Also, get your airline tickets now before the holiday rates go into effect.

  4. asianzone says:

    Ana Alicia, Susan Sullivan, david selby, Jamie Rose, Abby Dalton. L Lamas all looked great! Where is William Moses????

  5. rees276 says:

    I saw David Selby on COLD CASE the other night. He has grown better with age … like a fine wine

  6. kerstinwernermironow says:

    Susan Sullivan looks likethe same as for 20 years .remarkable.
    And David Selby. Sigh!

  7. IDRIS1130 says:

    God I miss this show & Dallas I really Loathe reality shows !

  8. yaniv235 says:

    i dont understand why this reunion give us only
    Interviews with some of the actors and not a special one hour with all of them talking toghter on the show that what was in knots landing and dyensty reunion
    its look very weird to me!

  9. pjaayit8 says:

    Can anybody upload falcon crest video episode by episode?
    Or anybody know which channel in Youtube have the falcon crest video episode by episode (from beginning episode up to the final episode)?

  10. jmjfanss says:

    I Wanr this in High Defintion.

  11. chiswickgareth says:

    I like this a lot

  12. falconcrestblog says:

    @sonysanyo What do you mean? She’s right at 0:48

  13. falconcrestblog says:

    @FreddyRis Thank you :-)

  14. falconcrestblog says:

    @free2drm Thanks. Yes, she looks great.

  15. free2drm says:

    This would have made a wonderdul opening if FC was on today. Ana Alicia looks so pretty. Oh, how I miss this show

  16. FreddyRis says:


  17. sonysanyo says:

    where is abby dalton???

  18. TheJaking87 says:

    It was only fitting that Susan Sullivan was featured at the end of the line up…….except she didn’t perform her trademark ‘Turn around’ pose this time! :)

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