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Falcon Crest FULL CAST

Full cast trhorugh each and every season… Jane Wyman, Robert Foxworth, Lorenzo Lamas, David Selby, Billy R. Moses, Jamie Rose, Abby Dalton, Ana Alicia, Mel Ferrer, Margaret Ladd, Laura Johnson, Paul Freeman, Sarah Douglas, Simon MacCorkindale, Ken Olin, John Callahan, Dana Sparks, Cesar Romero, Brett Cullen, David Beecroft, Kristian Alfonso, Wendy Phillips, Andrea Thompson, Chao-Li Chi, Gregory Harrison and Susan Sullivan as Maggie. No Copyright Infringement intended please do not delete this vid!
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Falcon Crest FULL CAST”

  1. pjaayit8 says:

    Can anybody upload falcon crest video episode by episode?
    Or anybody know which channel in Youtube have the falcon crest video episode by episode?

  2. pjaayit8 says:

    Can anybody upload falcon crest video episode by episode?
    Or anybody know which channel in Youtube have the falcon crest video episode by episode?

  3. ladyblue614 says:

    I love David Selby !!

  4. laminage says:

    I used to love Emma. She was such a riot!! I remember when she adopted that little boy Wendell, and together they hid away in a Warehouse. I also loved The Fashions that Chase & Lance wore, they were so GQ. Yet what I loved about Falcon Crest was that they used Hispanic Characters that weren’t in subservient roles. It’s still very popular in The Latin World.

  5. TheMellyMelissa says:

    season 9

  6. DarthVadent2 says:


  7. onemuslim1 says:

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  8. Talibarnold says:

    ana alicia looks real good,i even remember saying that in my mothers lap mach in the 80´s lol

  9. JamesLiveProductions says:

    Oh yeah!

  10. bisnagaboy says:


  11. laminage says:

    You know now that I realize it. Ana Alicia would have been perfect on one of the Soaps whether it was Passions, One Life To Live, All My Children, or even Guiding Light where she could have played a long lost relative of Natalia Rivera.

  12. jeff24ryan says:

    Susan Sullivan was the Queen of the spin!!! no one did it better. and her hair was always flawless

  13. 54spiritedwill54 says:

    loved how Susan Sullivan usually appeared in the credits (the spin!). Such a beautiful woman

  14. brera80 says:

    I also waited with baited breath for each new season to see Susan Sullivan’s new hairdo and if it would work in the spin!!! (very, very sad but I was very young then) Lucky she never cut it too short or she would’ve spoiled the opening credits. lol

  15. Fricy15 says:

    looking for friends

    great vid 9E

  16. boppbuff says:


  17. CaptainSiCo says:

    Susan Sullivan must have been well dizzy after all those years of turning round to smile at the camera!

  18. fluffysue says:

    That was great! When I was in high school, I used to often babysit the night this was on (I guess it was Friday?). I always made sure the kids were sound asleep by then. lol

  19. fluffysue says:

    I didn’t notice at all, sounded great!

  20. totalronnie says:

    Gran video javierbourne, uno de mis favoritos.
    This one is the best music ever heard on a tv series.

  21. AngelTee2007 says:

    what was it with all the spins???
    (09/01/08 – Mon)

  22. Webins says:

    I remember watching this with my family as a young boy.

    It was fun for all the wierd plot twists, though later I would find out this was typical of most soap operas.

    Good job with the video.

  23. jbkayaker12 says:

    A classy show in the 80′s and definitely a classic. Bravo!! The series’ cast were truly amazing.

  24. EdoubleM says:

    If anyone out there likes Robert Foxworth’s acting in this show, then you should check out the 2007 Transformers film in which he voices the autobots CMO (chief medical officer)named Ratchet. He is the yellow-green hummer ambulance.:)

  25. BurnVillage says:

    What a memories, my favourites Lorenzo Lamas and Brett Cullen.

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