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Falcon Crest #012 “Family Reunion” – Angela and Jacqueline Confrontation #2

Falcon Crest #012 “Loved ones Reunion” – Dinner at the Giobertis. Angela and Jacqueline fight once more and the scenario escalates. Excellent scene with Jane Wyman, Robert Foxworth, Lorenzo Lamas, William R. Moses, Jamie Rose, Abby Dalton, Susan Sullivan, Margaret Ladd and particular Guest Star Lana Turner Find a lot more current data about the Cast at the Falcon Crest Weblog: Join us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter:

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25 Responses to “Falcon Crest #012 “Family Reunion” – Angela and Jacqueline Confrontation #2”

  1. Skybird1970 says:

    For all other FALCON CREST fans out there. There will be a 30th Anniversary Reunion on December 3, 2011. There is even a tribute planned for Jane Wyman. You can register at: w w w . vintagetvreunions . com / falconcrest for more info and to register. The fees seem reasonable and several stars are already coming.

  2. sierria64 says:


  3. Juliaflo says:

    @rickram1961 The kind of star power you may never see again.

  4. doriangz says:

    That’s one really tiny tiny glass Jacqueline/Lana is holding at the beginning.

  5. thenicedudejay says:

    without Jane Wyman , Falcon Crest would be nothing !

  6. screenwitch says:

    Wow. Both of them here. Wyman is really above board. The other actors, good themselves, must have been in awe.

  7. falconcrestblog says:

    It’s season 1. EP #012.

  8. KURISUCHRIS99 says:

    is this season 2?

  9. KURISUCHRIS99 says:

    jane wyman sounds the same!

  10. Vandal49 says:

    It’s no secret that I want to “replant” your “acreage”. If you know what I mean!

  11. HollywoodHillsCookie says:

    Well, Lana Turner looks about as good as a corpse can look, here.

  12. terrryc says:

    Lana gets my nomination for the Order of the Silver Beaver…..

  13. bluenail03 says:

    It would have been great to have had a scene in which Angela, Jason, Douglas, & Jacqueline were all in it together. This show REALLY needed a prequel featuring younger versions of these characters when the show was on the air (IE DALLAS’ “Early Years”).

  14. jmjfanss says:


    Just like those two characters in the show.

  15. bluenail03 says:

    Both of these classic ladies ROCKED in their scenes! Sadly, Jacqueline (LT) was only on the show recurring from Seasons 01 & 02. I SO wish that she would have stayed on the show longer. What makes these scenes even better is that these two ladies REALLY DID hate each other in real-life!

  16. rickram1961 says:

    Wow talk about two huge movie legends, Jane Wyman & Lana Turner. Talk about huge star power.

  17. lovelyjoints says:

    @marekerhardt – Oh please–Wyman was a star, too. She admitted she couldn’t act–she just knew gimmicks.

  18. lovelyjoints says:

    @PJCoan – Jane Wyman was petite, too, only 5’3″.

  19. Duke535 says:

    I love how these older actresses kept themselves together so beautifully. Granted, they used surgery and such, but wow – so many of them looked like a million bucks well into seventies (and sometimes beyond, like Cyd Charisse).

  20. SweptAway529 says:

    Jane Wyman was such a great actress – this is a great scene.

  21. miguelalvesmantero says:

    lana ,,,shes fantastic!!!

  22. mitalo7 says:

    @jollycorner1 You must be kidding. Jane Wyman was fantastic in this role and the show’s success was due to this great actress. Falcon Crest suffered and became boring when Jane fell ill .

  23. mitalo7 says:

    I wish we had great shows and actors like these ladies today.

  24. TIPTON340 says:

    Jacqueline says I don’t want my son to die of some accident. Chase died
    accidently of drowning.

  25. ch1aka2 says:

    Great scene!!!

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