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F Troop: The Complete Second Season

F Troop: The Complete Second Season

Go west…and go loco. Yes, Captain Parmenter and his buffoons in blue are ready again to untame the wilderness in TV’s wackiest Western spoof. Wrangler Jane still pines after Parmenter, the Hekawis still plot after profits and Sergeant O’Rourke and

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  1. tendays komyathy says:

    Review by tendays komyathy for F Troop: The Complete Second Season
    SEASON 2

    Episode 1: The Singing Mountie. Air Date: 8 September 1966

    Episode 2: How to Be F Troop Without Really Trying. Original Air Date: 15 September 1966

    Episode 3: Bye, Bye, Balloon. Air Date: 22 September 1966

    Episode 4: Reach for the Sky, Pardner. Air Date: 29 September 1966

    Episode 5: The Great Troop Robbery. Air Date: 6 October 1966

    Episode 6: The West Goes Ghost. Air Date: 13 October 1966

    Episode 7: Yellow Bird. Air Date: 20 October 1966

    Episode 8: The Ballot of Corporal Agarn. Air Date: 27 October 1966

    Episode 9: Did Your Father Come from Ireland? Air Date: 3 November 1966. Sgt. O’Rourke’s father arrives from Ireland.

    Episode 10: For Who the Bugle Tolls. Air Date: 10 November 1966

    Episode 11: Miss Parmenter. Air Date: 17 November 1966

    Episode 12: La Dolce Courage. Air Date: 24 November 1966

    Episode 13: Wilton, the Kid. Air Date: 1 December 1966

    Episode 14: The Return of Wrongo Starr. Air Date: 8 December 1966

    Episode 15: Survival of the Fittest. Air Date: 15 December 1966

    Episode 16: Bring on the Dancing Girls. Air Date: 22 December 1966

    Episode 17: The Loco Brothers. Air Date: 29 December 1966

    Episode 18: From Karate with Love. Air Date: 5 January 1967 The men of Fort Courage offer sanctuary for a young Japanese woman.

    Episode 19: The Sergeant and the Kid. Air Date: 12 January 1967

    Episode 20: What Are You Doing After the Massacre? Original Air Date: 19 January 1967

    Episode 21: Horse of Another Color. Air Date: 26 January 1967

    Episode 22: V Is for Vampire. Air Date: 2 February 1967. Count Sforza, an emigrant from Transylvania, arrives in town.

    Episode 23: That’s Show Biz. Air Date: 9 February 1967

    Episode 24: The Day They Shot Agarn. Air Date: 16 February 1967

    Episode 25: Only One Russian Is Coming! Only One Russian Is Coming! Air Date: 23 March 1967

    Episode 26: Guns, Guns, Who’s got the Guns? Air Date: 2 March 1967

    Episode 27: Marriage, Fort Courage Style. Air Date: 9 March 1967

    Episode 28: Carpetbagging, Anyone? Air Date: 16 March 1967

    Episode 29: The Majority of Wilton. Air Date: 23 March 1967

    Episode 30: Our Brave in F Troop. Air Date: 30 March 1967

    Episode 31: Is This Fort Really Necessary? Air Date: 6 April 1967

  2. P. Wray says:

    Review by P. Wray for F Troop: The Complete Second Season
    Another “must buy” box set along with numerous other American TV shows (a list too long to mention). I live in the UK and the TV stations here seem reluctant to show classic TV even with the advent of satellite/cable. I used to be very envious of American viewers who had access to TV Land, however I now see that they no longer show classic shows from the 60′s preferring to now stick to shows from the 80′s onwards.

    I purchased Season 1 when it was released and laughed from start to finish, even my wife who never saw the original limited run of the show enjoys watching it and laughs just as much as myself.

    I can’t remember much about season 2 although I will when I watch the DVD, one thing I do remember is that it was very funny and would recommend anyone to purchase it.

  3. ImEzekiel65 says:

    Review by ImEzekiel65 for F Troop: The Complete Second Season
    I am a huge fan of “F Troop” and loved the Complete First Season box set. My dad really loved it. Over the course of a week or two, we went through the entire season, laughing hysterically all the way. Just as we will with this one.

    This show is an undisputed classic. As well as unappreciated and woefully undershown these days. TV Land has become a sad joke, showing nothing but lousy ’80 junk like “Knight Rider”, “The A-Team” and “MacGiver”. As well as more lousy ’70′s cheese like “Happy Days”, “Diff’rent Strokes” and “Soap”. And they’re trying to sneak in some ’90′s crap with “Wings”. Hardly classics.

    But anyway, I’m now all geared up for Season Two of “F Troop”. I would say “Bring on all the rest of the seasons”, but sadly, this is the final one. One of those two-season gems, along with “The Munsters”, which, I guess were just too good for television. We’ll never see their like again.

    And that’s sad.

  4. Glenn M. Schoditsch says:

    Review by Glenn M. Schoditsch for F Troop: The Complete Second Season
    We now come to the second and final season of F Troop. All the usual suspects are back and in this set we are treated to color and a new opening theme. Being in color gives the series a different feel; not better or worse, just different. Also the beautiful Wrangler Jane (Melody Patterson) is now of legal age and her romantic advances towards Capt. Parmenter are more evident.

    Every character makes me laugh, especially when “Cowboy” Bob Steele as Duffy starts reliving events at the Alamo. Ken Berry provides physical comedy at Dick Van Dyke levels, Frank DeKova’s wonderful send-up as Chief Wild Eagle, Forrest Tucker as Sgt. Morgan O’Rourke and best of all, Larry Storch as Cpl. Randolph Agarn. His antics in calling the troops to attention, prompting them to laugh for the Captain, his indignant statements such as “What about the Easter Bunny?” and his funniest line in season two, “Who says I’m dumb?”! And of course don’t forget the lesser known troopers: Gilbert & Sullivan, Stanley & Livingston and Lewis & Clark! :) :):)

    As said before, “F Troop” was far ahead of its time. Both seasons provide clean, enjoyable humor for the entire family!

    Mini update: In Episode 19, “The Sargeant and the Kid”, the young boy is portrayed by Peter Robbins, which of course is the ‘original’ voice of Charlie Brown. Close your eyes and listen during the episode and you surely hear good old CB from the Christmas and Halloween presentations!

  5. TVLand Fan says:

    Review by TVLand Fan for F Troop: The Complete Second Season
    I can’t wait for season 2 of F Troop! I am glad that there are enough of us out there who bought season 1 that the studio is putting out season 2. With the upcoming release of McHale’s Navy season 1 and Wild, Wild West season 2, this is going to be a 60′s retro spring for me.

    The second season of F Troop includes some great guest stars, with the Vincent Price episode being my favorite. Sad that with over 60 cable channels at my disposal, I spend most of my TV watching time with these old series.

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