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F-Troop: The Complete Seasons 1 and 2

F-Troop: The Complete Seasons 1 and 2

F Troop is set at Fort Courage, Kansas, a fictional Army outpost in the West, in 1865, the year the Civil War ended. The commanding officer at Fort Courage is the gallant but chronically clumsy and accident-prone Captain Wilton Parmenter (Ken Berry),

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  1. Annie Van Auken says:

    Review by Annie Van Auken for F-Troop: The Complete Seasons 1 and 2
    A concern with this F TROOP set: My copy of Season 1 had TWO defective DVDs out of six! This May 2008 repackaging includes all 12 discs as originally issued. Let’s hope Warner’s quality control has improved since ’06.

    F TROOP aired 65 half-hour episodes between 9/14/65 and 4/5/67. Only the show’s second season is in color. Also, things really picked up steam part way through the first year, with Season Two having the lion’s share of “classic” episodes. Primary cast was Forrest Tucker as Sgt. Morgan O’Rourke, stand-up comic Larry Storch as Cpl. Randolph Agarn, dancer Ken Berry as Capt. Wilton Parmenter, and 17-year-old (at time of premiere) Melody Patterson as Wrangler Jane Angelica Thrift.

    Other series regulars: Frank DeKova as Chief Wild Eagle, James Hampton as bugler Hannibal Dobbs, former cowboy star Bob Steele as Trooper Duffy, Joe Brooks as near-sighted Trooper Vanderbilt, Ivan Bell as Duddleson, John Mitchum as Hoffenmueller, Don Diamond as Crazy Cat, Ben Frommer as Smokey Bear and (for six season 1 episodes) Edward Everett Horton as medicine man Roaring Eagle.


    Wilton Parmenter receives a medal and promotion to captain after inadvertantly winning a Civil War battle with a sneeze. Parmenter is then sent west to command the most inept bunch of soldiers ever. Fort Courage’s bugler can’t play anything but a bad Yankee Doodle, their lookout is practically blind and Parmenter’s sergeant and corporal have a thriving business with the local tribe, the Hikawis, who manufacture souvenirs and moonshine for them. Chief Wild Eagle’s second-in-command, Crazy Cat clearly wants the top job while tribal elder Roaring Chicken is well into senility. Parmenter himself is quite the opposite– a babe in the woods who often bungles things up and trips all over himself. None of this clumsiness deters trading post owner Calamity Jane– she practically throws herself at “Wilton” whenever she can.

    Suggested item:

    GET SMART, with Don Adams and Barbara Feldon premiered the same year as “F Troop.”

    Series was produced and written by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry.



  2. M. Shepherd says:

    Review by M. Shepherd for F-Troop: The Complete Seasons 1 and 2
    You have heard of How The West Was Won, well, this is How The West Was Fun.

    Berry, Tucker, Storch, and a cast of other idiots and misfits make up F Troop, the pride of Fort Courage. They are charged with

    protecting Kansas from those bloodthirty indians like Crazy Kat and Roaring Chicken.

    But fortune fovors the stupid, and both sides are far too cowardly and inept to actually do any harm to one another except by

    accident. The only thing F Troop even managed to hit with their cannon was their own watch tower.

    F Troop is a wonderful farce comedy of the old west that will be enjoyed by young and old alike.

  3. Global Warming says:

    Review by Global Warming for F-Troop: The Complete Seasons 1 and 2
    I applaud the creators, the writers and the actors, this is pure entertainment, TV at it’s best! It’s funny and politically incorrect, you can’t get any better than that.

  4. love the classics says:

    Review by love the classics for F-Troop: The Complete Seasons 1 and 2
    I ordered this set because I love the old classic TV shows, and it was a good price. This set is great. The first season is black and white, but the second is color. The packaging and the picture is nicely done. The show is hilarius! I wish they had made more seasons.

  5. Blues Fan says:

    Review by Blues Fan for F-Troop: The Complete Seasons 1 and 2
    Just as I thought they would be. I was amazed I remembered as many lines as I have so far. I’m only half way through the fisrt season but everything is as funny and clean as I remember. All ages can watch these timeless classics. With 6 disks per season, you are able to choose around if you want and also you can choose what episodes per disk you you like to watch. When things quite down at home at night, I just start with the first one on a disk and let all five or so play!

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