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F Troop – The Complete First Two Seasons 1&2

F Troop – The Complete First Two Seasons 1&2

F Troop is set at Fort Courage, Kansas, a fictional Army outpost in the West, in 1865, the year the Civil War ended. The commanding officer at Fort Courage is the gallant but chronically clumsy and accident-prone Captain Wilton Parmenter (Ken Berry),

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  1. Forrest says:

    Review by Forrest for F Troop – The Complete First Two Seasons 1&2
    My husband and I, with friends, recently rode on motorbikes from Albany Western Australia to Tasmania and back. We saw so many places and covered over 10200 kilometres and often couldn’t remember just where we had been or where we were. Trudy, one of our fellow riders joked and said we were like the ‘Heckarwe’ American indian tribe from F-Troop who took their name from being similarly lost and saying to each other “Where the heck are we”. Of course, we all fell about laughing, and from that moment on, the Heckarwe featured frequently in our travels.

    We reminisced about enjoying F-Troop nearly 40 years ago. On our return, I investigated buying some DVD’s of the show. Couldn’t find any available in Australia, so tried Amazon, and voila! there they were. Being impulsive I ordered the complete First Two Seasons package. I then had some reservations about my actions as I had found that shows much enjoyed when I was younger somehow, never lived up to the memories and seemed quite tame and silly when viewed many years later.

    Anyway, the arrival of the F Troop DVD’s was eagerly anticipated. Hooray! They were just as funny. I sat there laughing as much as I had when I first saw them. The humour was still good and I found the gentle, totally un-violent F Troop a refreshing change from some of the shows being produced nowadays. I fully recommend a trip down memory lane with Capt. Parmenter, Sgt. O’Rourke and Corp. Agarn. Great stuff.

  2. tendays komyathy says:

    Review by tendays komyathy for F Troop – The Complete First Two Seasons 1&2
    SEASON 1

    Episode 1: Scourge of the West. Air Date: 14 September 1965 Hapless “war hero” Captain Wilton Parmenter takes command.

    Episode 2: Don’t Look Now But One of Our Cannon Is Missing. Air Date: 21 September 1965

    A surprise visit by General Grant.

    Episode 3: The Phantom Major—Original Air Date: 28 September 1965. It’s pay call at Fort Courage when a top secret letter from Washington arrives.

    Episode 4: Corporal Agarn’s Farewell to the Troops. Air Date: 5 October 1965

    Episode 5: The Return of Bald Eagle

    Original Air Date: 12 October 1965

    Renegade Indian Bald Eagle attacks the fort singlehandedly.

    Episode 6: Dirge for the Scourge

    Original Air Date: 19 October 1965

    Gunfighter Sam Urp is in town.

    Episode 7: The Girl from Philadelphia. Air Date: 26 October 1965

    Episode 8: Old Iron Pants. Air Date: 2 November 1965

    Episode 9: Me Heap Big Injun. Air Date: 9 November 1965

    Episode 10: She’s Only a Build in a Girdled Cage

    Original Air Date: 16 November 1965

    Episode 11: A Gift from the Chief. Air Date: 23 November 1965

    Episode 12: Honest Injun. Air Date: 30 November 1965

    Episode 13: O’Rourke vs. O’Reilly. Air Date: 7 December 1965

    Episode 14: The 86 Proof Spring. Air Date: 14 December 1965

    Episode 15: Here Comes the Tribe. Air Date: 21 December 1965

    Episode 16: Iron Horse Go Home. Air Date: 28 December 1965

    Episode 17: Our Hero–What’s His Name. Air Date: 4 January 1966 Agarn gets a dear john letter from his girl.

    Episode 18: Wrongo Starr and the Lady in Black. Air Date: 11 January 1966

    Episode 19: El Diablo. Air Date: 18 January 1966

    Men of F Troop undergo their annual physicals.

    Episode 20: Go for Broke. Air Date: 25 January 1966

    Episode 21: The New I.G. Air Date: 8 February 1966

    Episode 22: Spy, Counterspy, Counter Counterspy. Air Date: 15 February 1966

    Episode 23: The Courtship of Wrangler Jane. Air Date: 22 February 1966

    Episode 24: Play, Gypsy, Play. Air Date: 1 March 1966

    Episode 25: Reunion for O’Rourke. Air Date: 8 March 1966

    Episode 26: Captain Parmenter, One Man Army. Air Date: 15 March 1966

    Episode 27: Don’t Ever Speak to Me Again. Air Date: 22 March 1966 Fort Courage is to receive a citation from the Secretary of War.

    Episode 28: Too Many Cooks Spoil the Troop. Air Date: 29 March 1966

    Episode 29: Indian Fever. Air Date: 5 April 1966

    Episode 30: Johnny Eagle Eye. Air Date:12 April 1966

    Episode 31: A Fort’s Best Friend Is Not a Mother. Air Date: 19 April 1966

    Episode 32: Lieutenant O’Rourke, Front and Center. Air Date: 26 April 1966

    Episode 33: The Day the Indians Won. Air Date: 3 May 1966

    Episode 34: Will the Real Captain Try to Stand Up? Air Date: 10 May 1966

    SEASON 2

    Episode 1: The Singing Mountie. Air Date: 8 September 1966

    Episode 2: How to Be F Troop Without Really Trying. Original Air Date: 15 September 1966

    Episode 3: Bye, Bye, Balloon. Air Date: 22 September 1966

    Episode 4: Reach for the Sky, Pardner. Air Date: 29 September 1966

    Episode 5: The Great Troop Robbery. Air Date: 6 October 1966

    Episode 6: The West Goes Ghost. Air Date: 13 October 1966

    Episode 7: Yellow Bird. Air Date: 20 October 1966

    Episode 8: The Ballot of Corporal Agarn. Air Date: 27 October 1966

    Episode 9: Did Your Father Come from Ireland? Air Date: 3 November 1966

    Sgt. O’Rourke’s father arrives from Ireland.

    Episode 10: For Who the Bugle Tolls. Air Date: 10 November 1966

    Episode 11: Miss Parmenter. Air Date: 17 November 1966

    Episode 12: La Dolce Courage. Air Date: 24 November 1966

    Episode 13: Wilton, the Kid. Air Date: 1 December 1966

    Episode 14: The Return of Wrongo Starr. Air Date: 8 December 1966

    Episode 15: Survival of the Fittest. Air Date: 15 December 1966

    Episode 16: Bring on the Dancing Girls. Air Date: 22 December 1966

    Episode 17: The Loco Brothers. Air Date: 29 December 1966

    Episode 18: From Karate with Love

    Air Date: 5 January 1967 The men of Fort Courage offer sanctuary for a young Japanese woman.

    Episode 19: The Sergeant and the Kid. Air Date: 12 January 1967

    Episode 20: What Are You Doing After the Massacre? Original Air Date: 19 January 1967

    Episode 21: Horse of Another Color. Air Date: 26 January 1967

    Episode 22: V Is for Vampire. Original Air Date: 2 February 1967. Count Sforza, an emigrant from Transylvania, arrives in town.

    Episode 23: That’s Show Biz. Air Date: 9 February 1967

    Episode 24: The Day They Shot Agarn. Air Date: 16 February 1967

    Episode 25: Only One Russian Is Coming! Only One Russian Is Coming! Air Date: 23 March 1967

    Episode 26: Guns, Guns, Who’s got the Guns? Air Date: 2 March 1967

    Episode 27: Marriage, Fort Courage Style. Air Date: 9 March 1967

    Episode 28: Carpetbagging, Anyone? Air Date: 16 March 1967

    Episode 29: The Majority of Wilton. Air Date: 23 March 1967

    Episode 30: Our Brave in F Troop. Air Date: 30 March 1967

    Episode 31: Is This Fort Really Necessary? Air Date: 6 April 1967

  3. D. Bednarz says:

    Review by D. Bednarz for F Troop – The Complete First Two Seasons 1&2
    F-Troop is one of the most hilarious shows i have ever watched! I watched the entire first season in one night. I almost laughed myself silly! If you love a good laugh, F-troop the first two seasons is a must have for comedy lovers and for people who want to relive their youth. This show is suitable for all ages.

  4. Vinny says:

    Review by Vinny for F Troop – The Complete First Two Seasons 1&2
    The show is funny but it is $10 cheaper to buy seasons 1 and 2 separately. What is the advantage of buying this complete set? Anyway F Troop was hilarious and Jane was cute. Way ahead of the great comedy Blazing Saddles. Don Rickles as Bald Eagle is worth the first season alone. Many episodes showcase great comdic actors like Harvey Korman as a German officer introducing balloning to the American Cavalry. If you are young look for reruns, then you will want the DVDs.

  5. Jeff Reed says:

    Review by Jeff Reed for F Troop – The Complete First Two Seasons 1&2
    My mom is a huge fan of F-Troop. Currently the show is not airing in her area, so I bought her season I & II for Christmas. This wholesome, nostalgic comedy will provide her with hours of entertainment. Amazon providing rapid shipping, and I am 100% satisfied with this purchase.

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