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F Troop: The Complete First Season

F Troop: The Complete First Season

After accidentally leading a cavalry charge into victory, Private Wilton Parmenter becomes a hero and is given command of Fort Courage. Here, his group of cavalrymen bumble through fighting their enemies and working with the local Hekawi Indians to s

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5 Responses to “F Troop: The Complete First Season”

  1. Glenn M. Schoditsch says:

    Review by Glenn M. Schoditsch for F Troop: The Complete First Season
    After 40+ years, They’re back. The whole crazy bunch of misfits of Fort Courage return and they are funnier than ever.

    Capt. Parmenter, Sgt. O’Rourke, Cpl. Agarn, Wrangler Jane, Chief Wild Eagle, Crazy Cat, and Troopers Hannibal Dobbs, Duffy, Hoffenmueller and Vanderbilt provide the laughs while parodying life between the soldiers of Fort Courage and the Hekawi Indian tribe.

    It appears we have a nicely packaged set with single-sided picture discs containing all 34 episodes from season one. A great job from the good folks at the Warner Bros.!

  2. lighten_up_already2 says:

    Review by lighten_up_already2 for F Troop: The Complete First Season
    I loved this show as a kid and I love it now. When I was a kid, this show was good clean stupid fun and I was a good clean stupid kid. Now I love it because it’s good clean stupid fun in a world where sit-coms are crass, dirty, and most of the humor is pornographic in nature.

    The reason that F-Troop works is that it had a great cast with great chemistry and timing. There was a lot of repetitive slapstick humor, maybe too much, but there were veteran actors making that humor happen.

    Also, the sets were expansive for a sit-com. You had an entire fort, a western town, and an indian camp with not very politically correct indians. (In fact, the sheer non-PC part of the show is something I enjoy as an adult. This show probably couldn’t have been made today.)

    And, there were just a lot of people in the show. There were many supporting actors among the F-troopers and the indians, just a lot of people involved to interact with the main characters. Contrast this to so many sit-coms that for the most part take place in a living room or a restaurant, or a living room and a restuarant, but not much more.

    The humor is probably a bit repetitive and I don’t see myself watching more than one or two episodes in a sitting, but I’m thrilled to have this show back in my life in glorious DVD resolution. When my morale droops, I watch F-Troop.

  3. TVLand Fan says:

    Review by TVLand Fan for F Troop: The Complete First Season
    I purchased the 6 episode “TV Favorites” version of F Troop and it only whetted my appetite for full season releases. This was my favorite show in the mid-sixties. It is hilarious with a great cast and a list of guest stars that’s a Who’s Who of that long ago TV era: Milton Berle, Vincent Price, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Paul Lynde, Harvey Korman, Charley Weaver, Don Rickles etc., etc. Be forewarned though! There is no “message”, no “social relevance” and there was never a “very special F Troop” episode. Buy it!!! So they will quickly release Season 2!!

  4. K. Johnson says:

    Review by K. Johnson for F Troop: The Complete First Season
    I have loved this show forever!!!!! Captain Parmenter, Agarn, Sargent O’Rourke, Jane…. It is simply the best. Great acting, great script, and the chemestry between all the players was a match made in heaven! It only lastet two seasons…. but oh how lucky we are that it even came to be… and now is finally out on DVD so that new generations can discover and fall in love with this classic piece of slapstick comedy treasured by the 60s generation. Great for the whole family.I highly recommend it!!!!!!!!!

    BUY IT!!!!!!!

  5. Michael D. Gastright says:

    Review by Michael D. Gastright for F Troop: The Complete First Season
    Comedy doesn’t get much better than this. Politically incorrect lampoons and gut busting slapstick, this series was thankfully made at a time when most people knew the difference between comedy, and serious hurtful stereotyping. A must have for serious comedy afficianados.

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