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F Troop (Television Favorites Compilation)

F Troop (Television Favorites Compilation)

After accidentally leading a cavalry charge into victory, Private Wilton Parmenter becomes a hero and is given command of Fort Courage. Here, his group of cavalrymen bumble through fighting their enemies and working with the local Hekawi Indians to s

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  1. Michael A. Brown says:

    Review by Michael A. Brown for F Troop (Television Favorites Compilation)
    Joining televisions other military comedies of the day was this overlooked gem. The thing that set “F Troop” apart from “Hogan’s Heroes” and “McHale’s Navy” was the fact that, while not politically correct, it was fair. The brave men of Fort Courage were as inept, sometimes moreso, than the Indian tribes of the area.

    Led with a gentle hand by Captain Wilton Parmenter (Ken Berry), F Troop had a bugler who couldn’t bugle, a soldier in the guard tower who couldn’t see, and a cannon that usually caused damage to the fort when fired. He was ably assisted by Sgt. O’Roarke (Forrest Tucker) and Corporal Agarn (Larry Storch). Berry was adept at physical comedy, much like Dick Van Dyke he came from a dancing background. Storch was an over-the-top stand-up comic whose routine often lent itself to some fun moments in the show. Tucker was the stalwart Marshal Dillon type. Although a con-man, he had a soft spot for both Agarn and the Captain.

    This collection gathers six episodes, 3 color and 3 black/white. The transfers are generally very good with minimal screen noise. The black and white episodes look a bit better, but only because of the oversaturated color of the other episodes.

    Overall, for the price this is a great piece of nostagic entertainment.

  2. A. Cooper says:

    Review by A. Cooper for F Troop (Television Favorites Compilation)
    This was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid. I loved all the characters: the Captain, Sarge, Wrangler Jane, Dobbs, Wild Eagle… but my all-time fave was Cpl. Agarn. Larry Storch had the best comic timing of anyone I’ve ever seen (and it may be my imagination, but does anyone else see that same kind of Agarn-ness in Chandler Bing of Friends?)

    F-Troop was sweet and funny, and I’m so glad they’ve finally released a sampler on dvd. The only thing better would be the complete series!!

    Favorite episodes:

    The one with the Haunted House

    The Day They Shot Agarn

    Don’t Ever Speak to Me Again!

    Great 60′s tv show!!

  3. Hal C. Horn says:

    Review by Hal C. Horn for F Troop (Television Favorites Compilation)
    The first F TROOP release since Columbia House put 30 episodes out on VHS in 1998, this DVD in Warner’s “Television Classics” series offers 6 episodes of the classic sitcom, which was ahead of its time in having scheming characters who did NOT have ‘hearts of gold’ (O’Rourke and Agarn) and subversively combined this with kiddy-friendly slapstick. Until the producers decided to go overboard with the slapstick angle and soften O’Rourke and Agarn in season two (arguably what killed the show), this was a true classic, anticipating SEINFELD in that our lead characters always wondered “what’s in it for me?” and never learned any lessons in the end.

    This sampler DVD could use a better episode selection: JOHNNY EAGLE EYE, THE 86 PROOF SPRING, THE DAY THE INDIANS WON and O’ROURKE VS. O’REILLY are among the B&W classics ignored, and THE RETURN OF BALD EAGLE has the somewhat grating presence of Don Rickles and is one of the first season’s lesser lights. But the compilation quickly recovers: THE GIRL FROM PHILADELPHIA sees O’Rourke Enterprises threatened by Parmenter’s old girlfriend seeking marriage and a transfer, which in turn has O’Rourke and the Hekawis scheming to get rid of her; INDIAN FEVER finds Agarn afflicted with the title disease.

    Although the second (color) season is not as good as the first, the 3 color episodes included here are all true highlights, arguably the 3 finest episodes from that season. THE SINGING MOUNTIE features Paul Lynde as the title character (and yes, he does proclaim that we “always get our man”) and also showcases Larry Storch in a dual role. Storch was at his best, and deservedly Emmy-nominated for this series (he lost to the late Don Adams in 1967), and the writers test the 1960′s censors by naming the character “Lucky Pierre”. BYE BYE BALLOON guest stars Harvey Korman as a Prussian balloonist who causes trouble by brainwashing Agarn and threatening the make the men of F Troop “real soldiers”. And best of all, OUR BRAVE IN F TROOP is one of the few season two episodes to really recapture the feel of season one, as O’Rourke and Agarn sneak Chief Wild Eagle into the army to get his tooth pulled, not knowing that General Sam Courage (guest star Cliff Arquette) is planning a surprise visit!

    Though Larry Storch is deservedly cited, kudos should also go to Forrest Tucker, who reinvented himself as a comedian after 25 years of dead-serious film roles as both hero and villain (some 15 years before Leslie Nielsen did this in AIRPLANE!) and to the very underrated physical comedian Ken Berry, whose talents for physical comedy were fully explored here; strangely, his talents were largely ignored in his later series MAYBERRY R.F.D.

    A fine sampler, but a boxed SEASON ONE DVD set is what we REALLY need, Warners! Get on that right away… and that’s an order!

  4. magiclizzie says:

    Review by magiclizzie for F Troop (Television Favorites Compilation)
    Love this 60′s classic sitcom!

    This situation comedy originally aired from September 1965 – April 1967 and produced a total of 65 episodes.

    The show revolves around the incompetents of a post-Civil War day troop stationed at Fort Courage, somewhere West of the Missouri.

    The cast includes good-hearted, but bumbling Captain Wilton Parmenter (Ken Berry of Mama’s Family) who’s always getting into trouble or trying to keep his troop from staying out of trouble. Sergeant Morgan O’Rourke (Forrest Tucker) who appears to be the brains of the group, and the one who tries to straighten everything out. And then there’s, Corporal Randolph Agarn (Larry Storch), O’Rourke’s chief aid and assistant schemer who, almost always, is involved in one mess or another. Lastly, there’s Wrangler Jane Angelica Thrift (Melody Paterson), the woman whose only focus is to marry Captain Parmenter.

    The series is sprinkled with,the some time friendly, Hekawi Indians who interact with F-Troop represented by Chief Wild Eagle (Frank DeKova), Crazy Cat (Don Diamond) and Roaring Chicken (Edward Everett Horton) to name a few.

    Additional supporting cast characters are Corporal Hannibal Dobbs (James Hampton), Trooper Duffy (Bob Steele), Trooper Vanderbilt (Joe Brooks) and Trooper Hoffenmueller (John Mitchum) who all add to the hi-jinx of the show.

    Put them all together for one crazy, and very entertaining time!

    This DVD release is what I would call a “sampler” release. There are only 6 episodes on it. Perhaps, if the response is great – the whole series releases will follow.

    It is a great way to sample the show without making a large investment!! [...] What do you have to lose?? So please, please buy it!

    F-Troop NEEDS YOU!!!

  5. David Barker says:

    Review by David Barker for F Troop (Television Favorites Compilation)
    When I heard that an F Troop DVD was on the way, I gave thanks to the electronic hacking gods that I had been able to modify my Region 4 DVD player to play DVDs from all regions. I knew that it would take a very long while, if ever, to be released in Australia, so the American release was an absolutely essential addition to the collection.

    F Troop and Get Smart were TV jewels of my childhood, but while Get Smart has been repeated on free-to-air and pay TV many times in Australia over the decades, F Troop hasn’t been seen here to my knowledge for at least 15 years.

    While this release is only six episodes, it still provided more than enough proof of the lasting quality of the show. Three black & white episodes from Series 1, and 3 in colour in Series 2: all excellent, a couple – Bye, Bye Balloon & The Singing Mountie – classic.

    Let’s all hope this release is just a test of the market, and that response is good enough to trigger the full release of both series. So much dross is released on DVD these days, surely this all-time great can’t languish on the shelf much longer.

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