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F-Troop Season 1

theme from 1st season
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12 Responses to “F-Troop Season 1”

  1. terentii says:

    @spennell001 The Heckowees, as in “Where the heck are we???” :-D

  2. thomaswebhead says:

    My dad used to watch this when he was a kid.

  3. wwAurelia30 says:

    They were known as the Hacowees.

  4. spennell001 says:

    what was the name of the indian tribe in the show?

  5. SSArcher11 says:

    My GG Grandfather was in the 1st Indiana Cavalry during the Civil War. A diary described him as a man who fell´╗┐ off his horse into the river and was sometimes “in the corn.” Another man described an officer as a “walking shithouse.” And this was a good unit!

  6. Wheeljack35 says:

    I really miss seeing this show

    It was really funny

    Weird how if it was on today it would be on longer then it was in the 60′s because its funnier then anything on TV now

  7. Roadracer987654321 says:

    F Troop was a FFFFnng BLAST !

  8. donster660 says:

    Melody Pattersonhelped this bloke through those difficult years as a young boy.
    She is still very attractive.

  9. nutballgazette says:

    Wrangler Jane (Melody Patterson) was just 16 Years old when this show started.

  10. pimpdoggy121 says:

    it started in 1965 it finshed in 1966

  11. prausch65 says:

    A classic 60′s sitcom that ran from about ’64 to ’67. It also was one of those shows that went from black and white to color, therefore changing the intro drastically.

  12. gilbynziggy says:

    I’ve never even heard of this show… when did it air?

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