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F-Troop Pilot theme

From 1st episode
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  1. SSArcher11 says:

    My GG Grandfather was in the 1st Indiana Cavalry during the Civil War. A diary described him as a man who fell´╗┐ off his horse into the river and was sometimes “in the corn.” Another man described an officer as a “walking shithouse.” And this was a good unit!

  2. almago1 says:

    this is classic……just classic !!!!!

  3. narutofightindreamer says:

    This theme song was put together by the same man “Milt Franklin” who put together Warner Bros. second and final generation of it’s original Cartoons after Carl Stalling passed away: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Roadrunner-Wile E. Coyote, etc., etc…………..also it was probably one of the very last if not last theme song’s at Warner’s or any other Hollywood Studio that used it’s own in studio Orchestra. The following years saw the end to studio’s having their own orchestra!

  4. jrwel14 says:

    As famous indian chief said, “You show me gopher that’s scared of his own shadow. And, I’ll show you lady with 3 kids.”

  5. fortyfivish says:


  6. BadCamera32 says:

    What was the guy’s name Corporal Egg Roll Coproral Egg Horn? I never could figure it out.

  7. prausch65 says:

    This being the better intro the the B/W one, there’ two pecluliar things to look for, stop the video at:42, it appears as if a rectangular area was made of soft soil for the stuntman to cushion his fall, and at :45, this intro is the only one where O’ Rourke is crying, in the others he has a look of disgust.

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