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“F Troop” Bloopers

Bloopers from the “F Troop” tv show starring Ken Berry, Forrest Tucker, Larry Storch, Frank DeKova, James Hampton, Bob Steele, and Don Diamond.

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25 Responses to ““F Troop” Bloopers”

  1. nberdyaev says:

    How many of you F Troop fans know that Joe Brooks (aka Trooper Vanderbilt) played the homeplate umpire in the original “Bad News Bears”!!!! How many times have umpires been called blind because of a bad call!!!! LOL.

  2. 50zcarsman says:

    @scenario81 Yes, the humor comes from Steele playing so far against type. He was prob. the toughest supporting cowboy in the movies in the ’30s and ’40s.

  3. riotmanful says:


  4. KenBerryFan says:

    @savthmaall Yes, I guess everyone who has enjoyed this video has been lucky that it has not been removed. I’ll cross my fingers and hope for the best.

  5. savthmaall says:

    hey you used copyrighted material on your video and didnt get it removed by USSR i mean YouTube, wow your really lucky. I guess they liked your video.

  6. jmen4ever says:

    from what ive read, Tucker came very close to getting a third season for the show.when he died, any reunion show also died,more bad luck.What a great team Storch and Tucker were..

  7. omgaud says:

    Wow! Melody Patterson was a POA. I got a boner!

  8. frappermac says:

    Just came across this show, and was shocked to see bloopers for it on here! very funny! BTW, i think if done well, a movie would be a good idea!

  9. RatCity2020 says:

    Well it is going to be made and I don’t think it was a funding issue.

  10. RatCity2020 says:

    Well It’s true.. There will be a F Troop Movie.

  11. LazlosPlane says:

    Why is that “good” news? Have you seen a remake that wasn’t an insult to your intelligence? This is NOT good news, it’s awful news.

    No one could do what Storch did.

    God, I hope this is not true.

  12. KenBerryFan says:

    They’ve been saying that every year for over 5 years now. I don’t think the person who owns the rights is having luck getting it funded.

  13. RatCity2020 says:

    Good News “F Troop fans.. There going to make a movie.. sometime next Year…

  14. dharmaseed says:

    So many years since I’ve seen F-Troop, but I didn’t remember there being a whoopsie in there….

  15. Roadracer987654321 says:

    Tom Sizemore would be Perfect as Sergeant O’Rourke in a remake. randy Quaid is too old , fat, Slow Moving and looks like he would fall asleep standing up.
    Johhny Depp may work as Chief Wild Eagle or as a Medicine Man.

  16. saletious says:

    this has got to be the most lame-assed pathetic, abortion of a show intro in the history of T.V, especially for a genuinely funny show

  17. KenBerryFan says:

    I agree with you … this skit was done very well.

  18. ROXYLUCY says:

    The humor is VERY gay, but good for them, they were old pro’s and did it very well… it was cute and adorable… the blonde guy’s lisp was more than Ross the Intern could dream up… LOL. Loved it!

  19. rickhorvath says:

    if you look at some episodes during a camera sweep inside the fort, you’ll see a Chevy convertible in the shot!!!!!

    Try it our and see.

  20. HerrEllsworth says:

    When Melody was “outed” as a teen-ager, there was no outrage by the studio. She was given a studio tutor and had to take classes on set. I believe the first show that was shot was an episode called “The Girl from Philadelphia” in which Melody had to show the studio that she could rope, shoot and ride well enough for the part. Ironically, by the time Melody turned 18, all the F Troop episodes had been shot—a third season was planned but Jack Warner had a stroke.

  21. imjunipernow says:

    She was 15???? What was in the water she was drinking?

  22. HerrEllsworth says:

    I remember the source of these bloopers.
    There was a wild west video hosted by Will “Sugarfoot” Hutchins a friend of mine found in a bargain bin for $5.00. This was a fantastic video with outtakes from other series, I believe. As for Melody, I was friends with her for years and she was only fifteen when she was cast. She had to say she was eighteen elso no job. Everyone caught on about seven episodes in but William Orr did not to change the chemistry that was obviously working.

  23. KenBerryFan says:

    Hello. Well, I’m not sure which scene you are referring to or which person, but if you give me some details I’ll see if I can tell you who he is. Thanks for watching my vid!

  24. loltehinternet says:

    whoa, who’s lieutenant don’t ask don’t tell over there? I’d love to see some footage of him in battle.

  25. rebelstang says:

    Good “OL Show!

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