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ET 1: Death of Lucille Ball: Ent T’nite Coverage Pt 1 of3

Part 1 of 3: This is the April 26, 1989 broadcast of ET, reporting on the death of Lucille Ball. This is the only time I’m aware of that they have devoted their entire broadcast to the passing of a celebrity. This segment includes clips from “I Love Lucy” (Vitameatavegamin, chocolate factory, the Bill Holden episode, and others). Link to Part 2: Link to Part 3:
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25 Responses to “ET 1: Death of Lucille Ball: Ent T’nite Coverage Pt 1 of3”

  1. littletimes says:

    There will never be another Lucille Ball ever!

  2. littledarling09 says:

    Thanks for uploading this. I was a year old when she passed, so I don’t really remember. Lucille Ball was just amazing though. Next year will be her 100th birthday celebration.

  3. MrGeorgiaman0012 says:

    @Sheri451 Lmao how was that creepy???…It happens to people all the time. I love to read these , they really make me laugh!!!

  4. Sheri451 says:

    @Pectoris4 That’s just how I felt. I LOVED Lucy. I think everyone on the planet loved her with the exception of my father. I still laugh everytime I watch her. My favorite episode is the one where she’s stuck in that freezer and icicles are hanging from her ears. And Ricky says “Don’t cry Lucy! Don’t cry!” he makes that face and says as he shakes his head “Don’t BOOO HOO HOO!” And she really could sing. I heard her sing in The Long Long Trailer

  5. Sheri451 says:

    Wasn’t it creepy how she was there with John Ritter at the award ceremony, he died the same horrible way. Aortic Valve rupturing.

  6. TracyAndersonFoxhunt says:

    OMG! did Mary Hart stick her finger in a socket?

  7. bellaNYC says:

    rest in peace lucy.
    best to ever do it.
    you are missed.

  8. aznhalopwner says:

    lol i was so into the video that i tried like every five seconds to move the narrator out of the screen…

  9. ThisIsCivic says:

    she’s the best and forever will

  10. SugarRokz08 says:

    I was 2 when she died and when i was about 6 years old i fell in love with the I Love Lucy show…if i can have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, it would be Lucy. RIP to all 4 stars of the I Love Lucy Show!!!!!!

  11. Duckie1553 says:

    This makes me cry. I LOVE YOU LUCY!!!

  12. ronaldeclark says:

    I loved her when I was 5 and when I watch the episodes at 45 and everytime they still seem new..:>)

  13. Pectoris4 says:

    I remember the day she died. First I was shocked. Lucy could not die- it was impossible! The I cried and cried and cried………

  14. marter2006 says:

    what a dark day that must’ve been

  15. retroguy1976 says:

    @fkri2 troof

  16. iLoveLucyXo says:

    i wish i could have met her to bad i am only 11 :( we will never forget her

  17. browneyedvertigo says:

    she was, well, what can you use to describe her? magnetic? vivacious? she has this gravitational pull to her. I’ve been watching this series since I was a little girl and she still has me laughing. there hasnt been one like her since. she really did leave behind a legacy.

  18. blah11blah says:

    always gives me a stomache ache? probably not the best line…

  19. cassielynnejo says:

    I was only 1 when she died but it still breaks my heart to watch this she was not that old when she died.

  20. silverfish6062002 says:

    Lucy <3

  21. ladyrbd says:

    I was Named after her..RIP Lucille Ball..Wish I got 2 meet her..and tell her what an honor it is 2 have her name =]

  22. MPL029 says:

    Can Mary Harts hair be any bigger?

  23. SmashBrosFan19 says:

    More to come? She’s dead you stupid fucking piece of shit asshole cunt fucker!

  24. MaleaHoward says:

    I know EXACTLY what you mean..seems TOO real when its in LUCY

  25. croshaun says:

    this is still my favorite show and im only 21, this is the only show i hate to see in color, it just seems so fake unless its on black and white

    rip lucy

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