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Ernie Kovacs – Chef Miklos Molnar

Chef Miklos Molnar shows us how to prepare Chicken Molnar. Or a actually complicated way to get drunk.

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25 Responses to “Ernie Kovacs – Chef Miklos Molnar”

  1. superjules says:

    Janoz Daniels! I want some Janoz Daniels Boorbon

  2. rolko52 says:

    @nokomarie1963 – He is actually saying “kissi” in Hungarian. It translate to the English word “slighlty”.

  3. Moonbaby083 says:

    My grandfather met him once!! :D

    looooool ez nagyon vicces!!
    Imadom!! xD

  4. TennVol92 says:

    In Soviet Russia cobas cut you.

  5. silentclowns says:

    The “Chicken Molnar” bit is actually a clue from an episode of “Take a Good Look” that aired in the spring of 1960. The secret guest was Alonzo Fields, who had been the chief butler at the Whitehouse for 23 years.

  6. elfinmajictime says:

    Yes, Ernie himself was Hungarian!!

  7. mbutchin says:

    He reminds me of mine Barto Bacsi….

  8. laggie24 says:

    Husi … itt a video amiről beszéltem … pusz…pusz

  9. laggie24 says:

    OHHHHHHH “IGEN”YESS … he speaks hungarian… I bet the foreighners watching this haven’t a clue about the ingredents….
    Now watch this carefully more than twice to be able to cook this soup…. haaaa

    p.s. small portion of Scotch…haaaa … I wonder now what would he call a big portions….haaa

  10. dybbuk4640 says:

    @GSUKat here’s another analogy… did you ever notice that peter lorre looks like a combination of sal mineo and oscar levant?

  11. GSUKat says:

    @dybbuk4640 I thought the same thing!!!!

  12. zzGRENDELzz says:

    @zackhanscom – you’re an idiot.

  13. nokomarie1963 says:

    Kitchen scotch? Sounds like my mother on the holidays.

  14. joechristopher2 says:

    Pure genius. Movie of his life starring Jeff Goldblum. Based on what he went through with wife # 1, you’ve got to wonder how he was able to do all this.

  15. dybbuk4640 says:

    strangely reminiscent of borat … wonder if he watched this …

  16. zackhanscom says:

    he’s not a genius. television just isn’t inventive enough so we’re still stuck with the boring, unfunny format he invented.

  17. yogafan6500 says:

    Here’s my Gordon Ramsay version of Chicken Molnar. 1 Full Chicken, Caper, Olive, Kobas, Put Chicken in bowl with Carrots, Parsley, Garlic, Make sauce with Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, Bor. cook 20 minutes toss chicken drink sauce. Done. Intresting.

  18. wmbrown6 says:

    @richiepiep – It may have something to do with Gilliam thinking that Kovacs was of Czech descent, as I seem to recall him saying in an interview.

  19. itjustfigures says:

    This never gets old! I wish Mr. Kovacs hadn’t died so long ago. Cheers to Ernie, Percy Dovetonsils, Chef Molnar, Auntie Gruesome, etc!

  20. popomatic1970 says:

    LMAO!! Janosh Daniels!! so much of this went over my head when I was a kid watching Kovacs reruns.. the man was a genius

  21. bachterman says:

    ümlauts rüle! :)

  22. looser8908 says:

    csirke iz csiken pulyka iz törki :D

  23. Csongesztor says:

    Mondjuk a bort írhatta volna rendesen bör helyett.

  24. Csongesztor says:

    “Vi sztoff inszájd csirke ” Ez se magyarul se angolul nem tud XD De baromi jó. “Kát kolbász lájk disz ván tájm, lájk disz ván tájm”

  25. attilaphoto says:

    Any number but make sure it’s Fahrenheit :D LOL

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