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Ernie Kovacs- Aesop Broadcasting Co.

The late excellent Ernie Kovacs at his finest!!!

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  1. LeslieCTS says:

    I remember watch him in the 50′s live. Great stuff.

  2. RayNDeere says:

    Ernie uses the name ‘Julius Dailus’, a take on ABC newsman and What’s My Line host John Daly (which Ernie was a panelist on several occasions)

  3. K4Fusion says:

    Ernie was definitely a man ahead of his time! I remember back in the mid 1980′s, the local cable system ran his show. These reruns were gut busting, side splitting, tears running down your face funny stuff. Wholesome, family viewable laughs. Oh, how I miss the greats like him. Red Skelton, Jack Benny . . . these guys were fuuuuuny!!!

  4. rabsmiff says:

    absolute comedy gold——-an unearthed treasure of essential comedy.

  5. capvid88 says:

    Unfortunately, many of Kovac’s shows were lost forever when ABC erased and recycled the 2″ quad master tapes to save a few bucks. What a shame and what a loss to TV posterity.

  6. FnordicQueen says:

    This man was SO brilliant, both playing with and establishing the possibilities of comedy on television. Also the last comedian not to flog angst.

    How I wish there were more DVDs of his work available. EVERYBODY who has done TV comedy since owes him a huge debt, and he went farther than anyone, even the Pythons and KITH, in his wit, surrealism and visual anarchy.

    Aldjon meg, Ernie,
    köszönöm a nevet.

  7. Sandra33139 says:

    Ernie Kovacs was the best!!

  8. MSFTMVP says:

    Right out of Saturday Night Live – I get it.

  9. GanarfGeorgie says:

    My man Ernie ROCKS!

  10. sithlord717 says:

    The only time the Lions have ever won a game.

  11. LTopomcFly says:

    Chevy Chase dedicated his Emmy to Kovacs back in the 70s

  12. sigu655 says:

    Ironic that he would mention the “traffic accident” and yet he died in one.

  13. MIGUEL2005LIMA says:

    buena pelicula , me permitio conocer el a Kovacs y su estilo.una lastima no verlo en youtube.

  14. autopilot4 says:

    Yeah – Ernie Kovacs: Between the Laughter

  15. MIGUEL2005LIMA says:

    do you know the movie of ernie kovacas played by jeff goldblum?

  16. charliebubblesoar says:

    he’s great. how witty.

  17. ramitupursnout says:

    A true pioneer, waaayy ahead of his time.

  18. LTopomcFly says:

    A genius. And the girl is beautiful.

  19. orangeviolins says:

    Ahead of his time indeed. Glorious!!!

  20. ross1962 says:

    Can you see how infuential this was on skit comedy like SNL? Weekend Update with Chevy Chase? :)

  21. 224clb22 says:

    Too funny! Ernie Kovacks was great. Thank you for posting. :D

  22. Ayterion says:

    The best of the best

  23. katus98 says:

    he was great. i remember him on WABC morning radio. he did skits such as “dan’l vigilant” and “igor the robot”…screamingly funny! one TV program i remember that i wish i could see again was a take-off on superman. i can still see him at his desk and edie (lois lane) scolding him all the while kovacs (clark kent) making a “split-second” change at his desk, which took all of 10 minutes, with ernie constantly tripping over his cape. maybe the skit will end up on You Tube some time soon.

  24. Theothebard says:

    Ernie Kovacs was a creative genius. Do you realize how revolutionary this type of humor was in 1950s’ live TV? He did it on a shoestring budget, with all energy and creativity. Too bad he died without fulfilling his potential. Much of today’s great comedy had its roots in Kovacs.

  25. Sully2302 says:

    apology accepted

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