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Ernie Kovack’s Nairobi Trio

Classic tv from the always experimental Ernie Kovack, who was so ahead of his time, commedians are nonetheless stealing his stuff today. It was later reported that Jack Lemmon is in the monkey suit with the drum mallets.
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25 Responses to “Ernie Kovack’s Nairobi Trio”

  1. ChuckyD says:

    I remember this as a kid. Very funny stuff.

  2. bigblondman1 says:

    indeed!! he was ahead of his time. his comedic concepts are even studied in university classes in theatre and television today. many comedians were influenced by him. he loved to experiment even while the show was being done on live t.v. you cant do that today. everything is commercially orented and technically prioritized. its all to complicated and no room for creativity to flourish unless its restricted to the empty rehearsal hall. what ashame. its all about big money, no brains or heart.

  3. bitzofdataz says:

    @bigblondman1 Ernie was a GENIUS! I bet he’s freakin’ out the kids today!

  4. bigblondman1 says:

    @95mikemac it was a very different time. simple and more innocent. he never intended for that to be racist. you and perhaps those who dont understand his parodic style think that. he just wanted it to be funny, and it was then. now people are too judgemental and hyper sensitive. he wasnt the problem. self-righteous politically correct people today are the problem. people need to remember how it was to just laugh instead of picking everything apart. just enjoy it for how it was, funny.

  5. 95mikemac says:

    Raicist Shit

  6. Maryloohoo2 says:

    This is so great i watch this over and over and it never gets tiring. The old shows were so good they live today.

  7. scuttermax852 says:

    Love it!
    Very cute. Kids will love it.

    Thanks for this video.

  8. virginiaorganbuilder says:

    @misterdirtyknees Very cool!

  9. misterdirtyknees says:

    Although I was only about six years old when Ernie Kovacs died, he grew up right down the street from me and went to my school.

  10. zathusura78910 says:

    @pauljmsn Ernie Kovacs clones……Do you realize you may have just created the basis for THE GREATEST book ever?

  11. pauljmsn says:

    What kind of lunatic mind comes up with weird stuff like this? And why aren’t there more lunatic minds like that in this benighted world?

    Durned shame Ernie Kovacs couldn’t have been cloned.

  12. tallpaul521 says:

    @RRaquello Correct. Bobby Lauher is the gorilla with the mallets. Bobby was from here in Houston — local talent on TV and live shows who went to work for Kovacs. I had dinner tonight with a good friend who knew Bobby very well. Bobby died in his pool in LA of an apparent heart attack.

  13. hznfrst says:

    Hooray for Youtube bringing back the classics!

  14. tbalazy says:


  15. TheStanbabe says:

    It’s hard to tell..if that is Jack Lemmon under that ape’s mask,derby hat and that long coat..bopping poor Ernie on his derbied skull with those drum mallets.

  16. Goebel53 says:

    I saw this on the Comedy network when it first started, then Iiheard that people like Frank Sinatra and other hollywood celebs at that time started driving Ernie crazy to do this skit. it was in lots of his shows. it’s still great today.

  17. RRaquello says:

    Just got the Ernie Kovacs boxed set. One of the extra features was an interview with Jolene Brand. This particular version of the Nairobi Trio stars Ernie Kovacs, of course, in the middle. Jolene Brand is playing the piano and the gorilla on the left is Bobby Lauher. Jolene Brand & Bobby Lauher were two of the regular players on the ABC Kovacs specials done in 1961 & 62.

  18. MrUnidyne says:

    @rolko52 I stand corrected (and, yes, I did some research after your message). Apparently, in later performances, Jack Lemmon (a long time friend of Kovacs and one of his pall bearers at his funeral) took the place as the third member of the trio.

  19. rolko52 says:

    @mrtimetime123 Two separate songs. You Tube search “Kovacs Corner”.

  20. rolko52 says:

    @MrUnidyne In this rendition, the ape with the mallets was Kovacs’ on screen side-kick Bobby Lauher.

  21. MrUnidyne says:

    Mallets: Jack Lemmon
    Conductor: Ernie Kovacs
    Pianist: Edie Adams

  22. jjaagg5050 says:

    Wow! I haven’t thought about this bit for years. They were talking about Ernie on WGN Chicago radio today. What a great star he was!

  23. ClickHamilton says:

    Ernie Kovacs was one of the great original artists of the century.

  24. Maryloohoo2 says:

    Why oh why are these wonderful days of classic tv gone?

  25. chewchewchewchewchew says:

    @mrtimetime123 Yes it is.

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