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Barnabas’ fate as a vampire is sealed and Josette becomes his willing victim.
Video Rating: four / five

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21 Responses to “EPISODE 10”

  1. solunaraven says:

    @creatornat hehehe…yeah, I thought he was kinda cute when he snarled. ;)

  2. creatornat says:

    @solunaraven …NIce. :) You get bonus points for mentioning,’Samson vs The Vampire Women’ for sure! XD
    And I am so glad I wasn’t the only one who found that Barn scene funny. As I mentioned before, the more dated vamps of the 50′s and 60′s seem to come through in the director of Barn. This sadly, made him do all those hisses and grimace faces, which to me anyway, appear cartoonish and comical. Otherwise, I could have jived with it, ya know?

  3. solunaraven says:

    @creatornat When I saw Barnabas running with his cape out, I immediately thought of “Samson vs the Vampire Women” and a scene in which some vampires held their capes out the same way when they were running. That scene with Barnabas doing the same thing had me in stitches.

  4. creatornat says:

    Once Joe sees Barn in action he is thinking,’Hey! That’s just like the chomp I got!’
    And at 34:50, that bannana on the sherrif’s desk really ads to the scene. ^_^

  5. creatornat says:

    Personally, I think the decision to have newly undead-Barnabas to hold out his cape and let it it catch the wind like a child playing, ‘Superman’, was almost laughable to me. In addition, his snorting and making faces outside, whilst he sniffed his way back to Collinswood looked equally comedic. This director-goodness.
    I think this version could have worked in a more complete way, with a different, less ’80′s/Dynasty’-style feel.

  6. 70SixtyTen says:

    This is where the past-future continuity breaks, and the time paradox begins. I’m only half-way through this episode, but hopefully the storyline will “clear up” during the rest of it.

  7. karenwengert says:

    I never missed an episode of this show! I hear they are making a movie, can’t wait!!!

  8. Roryluvsdean says:

    oooh this was a good episode

  9. hwolovely1203 says:

    Ruby you should be a little more shy

  10. sbergman27 says:

    @LetFreedomRing Google encourages copyright infringement with their policy of only considering complaints from the copyright holder. And even then, they give the channel’s owner “3 strikes”. If they wanted to stamp out infringement, they could do it, leaving YT a barren wasteland that no one cares about.

    But the greatest value of the DS channels was viewer discussion. Our comments were wiped away. And I’m wondering why. The DS copyright holder does not hold copyright on our comments. Very odd.

  11. sbergman27 says:

    @LetFreedomRing In restrospect, my comment from 3 months ago seems rather overly-harshly stated. Though probably still accurate. I progressed through the episodes and minisodes about the same time as you. Nancy Barrett’s talents were so wasted playing Marilyn Munster… err… I mean Carolyn Stoddard. She really came into her own as Charity Trask… at least after Charity started thinking that she was Pansy Faye.

  12. LetFreedomRing says:

    5:45 I love this scene with Joshua comforting his wife. Maybe I’m corny, but it’s very touching.

  13. LetFreedomRing says:

    @sbergman27 I’m with you on your statement. I just began watching the original on YT several months back and watched up until last month when it was snatched from YT. The original is incomparable and truly a classic. However, I was hooked on this version in the 1990′s as it was the only version I knew then. Now when I look at it, I enjoy it for what it was.

  14. CreateMakeGive says:

    I haven’t seen the original series, I’ll give it a try. I only know this series because I watched it as a kid.

  15. hnb1113 says:

    I agree that this revival is superior to the original. The quality of, not just the sets, but the acting is clear. I tried to get into the original years ago when it was in syndication on Sci Fi, but I never could because I had been spoiled by this incarnation. I was so aggravated when NBC cancelled it. I always felt that the show should have been given another chance to develop with new story lines.

  16. duzzellvampire says:


  17. ladynekochan says:

    @missleonhart05 I completely agree with you here. I tried getting into the original DS and it just didn’t do it for me.

  18. sbergman27 says:

    @missleonhart05 : The revival was a rehash of the same old stories with more expensive sets and special effects. It was OK. But the original relied upon talented actors and good drama. The revival seems to rely a lot upon gratuitous sex scenes to retain the viewer’s interest. Parker was a far better Angelique. Frid a far better Barnabas. And Alexander a better Victoria. Fyfe was no John Karlen. Simmons was OK. But not as good a Liz as was Bennett, The revival Carolyn was actually an improvement.

  19. missleonhart05 says:

    no way guys the revival is way better. i think but each to his own

  20. platrima says:

    I agree with Mrs ChristopherAsher, I prefer the original version–it was more gothic in nature, but this version is pretty good too.

  21. MrsChristopherAsher says:

    I preferred the original version.

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