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Epic Racist Moment on Game Show

A clip from a Tv show referred to as “With out Prejudice?” which was on GSN a couple of years ago. l think this video will assist folks to start an important dialog. ***** UPDATE E-MAIL FROM MICHAEL (Contestant on the show): Amazing man. This is so random but i am so glad you put this up. Folks are talking. The show won awards in the UK and so they made a US version. This was the pilot episode and the most popular. it was such a success that they got a full season from it. it is an hour long show and we had been all randomly chosen. The judges and the contestants. So they wanted to see if the judges could “judge” with out prejudice. They would go on to award the winner 25K. I was the winner. Myself and the other finalist were the only 2 contestants that got to actually meet the judges and when i met them, the polynesian guy had a change of heart and really voted FOR me. The edits don’t show that he came from his seat and hugged me. It was a quite fascinating expertise. We had no notion what the judges had been saying or doing or who they even had been, for that matter. so i had no idea that he was racist when i went out and met the judges. It ended nicely though. I talked to that guy over a meal and he said that he had a change of heart.
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25 Responses to “Epic Racist Moment on Game Show”

  1. magla3oon says:

    id rather be black than polynesian..

  2. manutd0621 says:


  3. JailbreakWorld3000 says:

    fuck you im mexican bitch

  4. MrTheBeast says:

    @mizemotion like how polynesians look like
    like him or other samoans
    similar to hawaiins
    how do africans look like? its the same concept

  5. MrWiztor says:


    invading the U.S.? I agree with you on that, other countries wanna avoid that corrupt, broke, moron of a country whenever they can. America is a huge problem that nobody wants to be responsible for. It’s like fighting for a 20 trillion dollar bill

  6. gizzle434 says:

    white girl: your a minority too… DAMN SMH

  7. DrDumb002 says:

    @ich3ro Dave Chapelle much?

  8. KnowHowTo101 says:

    I completely agree with that black people are a bunch of cry babies that think society has to give them something because of slavery well guess what the Irish were slaves to but guess what they fought there way out if it and now look at them they make some of the most money in the world good for them. And black people most of them are a bunch of lazy asses any way it not like they make more than the national average, but u will give some credit some black people really do work hard and I hope t

  9. cheap3shotproduction says:

    Wow, freedom of speech my ass.
    This man is 100% correct. Give him a fucking medal.
    Blacks have been getting shit handed out to them on a silver platter for no reason what-so-ever.
    As a white man with no special privileges i completely agree.
    Black people are generally lazy, obnoxious, and have a huge chip on their shoulder.
    Its not racist, its truthful.

  10. SuperDrinkin says:

    thats crazy hahaha

  11. davekwiatkowski says:

    All the racist people are such idiots. You cant judge an entire group based on a couple things you have experienced from a tiny portion of them. Im proud to be white + Canadian, but theres no reason to think others are lower than yourself. We are all equal and whoever thinks otherwise, go find a remote island to live on because nobody appreciates your beliefs. While you’re at it bring a volleyball because that’s the only thing you’ll have a normal life with.

  12. Jandersen115 says:

    @0:42 EPIC FACE

  13. supportjapanwithlove says:

    @game3341 a apologize from who?

  14. proTips101 says:

    I’ll be quite honest. I don’t like fat raciest people.

  15. SuperNinjaElmo says:


  16. DrDumb002 says:

    2:24 anyone else hear a fart?

  17. mizemotion says:

    @MrTheBeast He stated that he was from the polynesian islands, he didn’t exactly narrow it down. How exactly are people from “that part of the world” supposed to look like?

  18. nunyaland says:

    i bet he got beat up today in the “South”

  19. PlaidmanUTube says:

    I take it when he ordered his cable TV he opted out of the BET channel option…

  20. aotearoastyle says:

    @BritishNeoNazi1488 First work on your own ape like thinking before you worry about others

  21. supportjapanwithlove says:

    @fuckfreshmen i do

  22. Zanarkand1996 says:

    @BritishNeoNazi1488 wht, are u a fking cunt? why hate another human being? just cause of skin color? if u want respect u better start showing repect or in the end ur gona regret

  23. MrTheBeast says:

    fake and gay

  24. pHDinSnowcones says:

    Faaaaake, the creators/producers totally put him in to make the show more interesting.

  25. djf730 says:

    @ScotterS69 They get more because there is no longer a movement that tries to stop racism. To compensate they have often used affirmative action, so a boss that is racist will have to hire minorities. This works in those specific instances, but it itself is discrimination. Ultimately the issue will fade but never die, for it is human nature to organize and group people whether its for negative reasons or not.

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