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Entertainment Tonight – on the Death of Chuck Connors, 1992

From Nov. 11, 1992, here is an Entertainment Tonight story on the death of actor Chuck Connors, who was TV’s “Rifleman.”

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25 Responses to “Entertainment Tonight – on the Death of Chuck Connors, 1992”

  1. truthseeker0183 says:

    @wgr88 Do you know Jesus?

  2. ToofbrushSalesman says:

    As with many others who watched the Rifleman as youngster I too still love to watch the reruns No one could ever replace Chuck would like to see Dolph Lundgren do a Rifleman Series I know most of us older generation would love it and perhaps it might stir some interest for the younger generation in westerns always my favorites growing up, the younger generation now has NO heroes like we did when we were kids. Thanks Chuck for what you gave us, you will always be remembered and never forgotten..

  3. Bridagierz says:

    Chuck Connors > Chuck Norris

  4. MrEmmaclaps says:

    All the more reason to love him. Nothing like a strong conservitve with a rifle.

  5. JubalCalif says:

    Thank you for your comment. No, I didn’t know that about the late great Mr Connors. Well, I don’t agree with the political stances of a LOT of actors & actressess that I admire or have admired. I try to keep their political views separate from their talents. But I respect the rights of those who may disagree with my view. That’s what this wonderful country of ours is all about: free speech & with each person (hopefully) respectfully disagreeing with each other.

  6. thecuckookid says:

    @JubalCalif Did you know the Chuck was an extreme right winger and admired Richard Nixon? That spoiled it for me.

  7. wgr88 says:

    The Rifleman the best western on TV i really loved that show Chuck will be missed Hope he did know Jesus before he died.

  8. imyy4upeople says:

    Just a note, Chuck played for the Dodgers and Cubs along wit hthe basketball team Celtics. He also was in canada for a while with the Montreal Royale’s baseball team which jackie Robinson played for too. Chuck saw a beautiful women in Montreal and she liked him for sure. They married and then he returned to the USA for acting roles later on.

  9. peterwatsonkent says:

    so your saying he was Branded

  10. Masmosaic1 says:

    Believe it or not, he was the FIRST person to dunk a basketball and break the backboard while playing for the Celtics in an official game; November 6, 1946.!

  11. mitchrmp says:

    Thanks for posting this! It makes me cry!

  12. annahudson76 says:

    I thought the rifleman was the most handsome tough but nice guy my first crush and i still watch the rifleman and think hes so hot yet to this day LOL

  13. radiodj1520 says:

    I Believe This Was A Video Clip Of Entertainment Tonight’s Report On The Death Of Chuck Connors On November 11, 1992.

  14. usmale9112001 says:

    I used to watch the Rifleman when I was 4 years old, now I’m 49 and I watch it every night on RTV.

  15. 1962mikie says:

    @videoholic90sA -i once outdrew the rifleman in an Quick-draw competetion in Ft.worhth,Texas. him, john wayne and sammy davis junior all failed to beat the six-gun ..but afterwards we all went to the cattlemens convention in cowtown and believe me these men draw a crowd instantly and i could no longer hang out with them for lack of space and being over-run by fans and camera’s and all……live on rifelman and we will meet in the Sky someday!!dgreat spirit bless you all!!!!Chow-Jesse longbow..

  16. Hornel66 says:

    Best Show Ever

  17. trankuser9 says:

    Captain Skorzeny

  18. cmsandusky says:

    I watch reruns of the Rifleman everyday. It comes on channel 40 Indianapolis at fact..JUST got done watching it!!
    Great show and a class act!!

  19. cmsandusky says:

    I watch reruns of the Riflemaneveryday. It comes on channel 40 Indianapolis at fact..JUST got done watching it!!
    Great show and a class act!!

  20. briezy1139 says:

    This guy was better than clint eastwood

  21. dixieleeify says:

    I really miss the rifleman. That I still watch the Rifleman on the internet. It is a really great t.v. show. I wish Chuck Conners was still here today. This is one of my favorite actors I love. The man was really a good actor and loved his role in the Rifleman. R.I.P. Chuck Conners. Your a really great man, that is still greatlly missed by many people who love watching you on t.v. That I started watching the Rifleman when i was only 15 years old and still watch it today. He’s really a good man.

  22. cutiec80 says:

    Chuck Connors also played Tom Moore in Roots. He was the one of the white men who love sleeping with black slaves women and he was Chicken George father.

  23. cheyenne86 says:

    Just loved this man. and as everyone says always the rifleman too me.

  24. whiskeyify says:

    I read that in real life he was tough as nails, I think that’s why he was so he was so good in that role.

  25. jdh023 says:

    I can add nothing that all the generous people posting here already haven’t. We all loved this TV show and the characters involved. Great stories with great morals. RIP Mr. Connors. You are missed.

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