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Enter The Lone Ranger

Six Texas Ranger are led into an ambush, all are killed except one, who is nursed back to health by an Indian friend from his youth.

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25 Responses to “Enter The Lone Ranger”

  1. margaretburden says:

    I wish they would bring back these tv programs again

  2. FreeTexas100 says:

    this is really awsome lol

  3. SteezeWizard99 says:

    im 15 and i still love this show. ive had the collection since i was five

  4. downhill240 says:

    Brings back memories of the Saturday morning free movies for kids and the weekly serials. Every week you were left wondering if the hero make it, and you had to go back the nexr Saturday to find out. This has been fun!

  5. RangerAlways says:

    @knpdyeballarice I didn’t say Jordan wasn’t a good person. We know he’s one of the best players sports has ever seen. But what can be learned from him about keeping your word, standing up for the right principles, or thinking of others before yourself ? He was probably generous with his money, I don’t know but money has nothing to do with ethics. He may have all these qualities but, who knew ? Learning little more than the game isn’t enough. M.J. is one of my favs in B-Ball but that’s it.

  6. knpdyeballarice says:

    @RangerAlways woah woah woah michael jordan is a great person. dunno about TO though.

  7. huskerjeff1 says:

    @Metalface92 Please do not equate The Lone Ranger to pigs like regan and wayne. Those guys were foul men. No matter what the GOP tells you.

  8. humboles says:

    This must be one of the most breakneck versions of the William Tell Overture ever! (Did Rossini ever intend it to be played this quickly, I wonder?) But there’s no denying that the speed really adds to the drama. I loved that horse — and, like Champion The Wonder Horse, he was often on BBC TV in the UK, some time around 1960. Happy days.

  9. Metalface92 says:

    Yeah RangerAlways we need heroes like John Wayne and Ronald Regan not any of these *whispers* naggers……….

  10. thegrandsockslide says:

    were doing a 50′s show and i got the part of tonto in the skit for this!!! we made it funnier and goofier too!!!!

  11. Bernunzio says:

    What a way to while away 1/2 hour on a Sunday afternoon!

  12. mach1mustang1971 says:

    Growing up i watched this show every day after school…he was hero and i miss the days where as a kid there were goodguys who you knew would do the right thing…

  13. TheStephen2009 says:

    they just do not make them like they did once

  14. Misstt29 says:

    I wonder why it is in Spanish? Thats not shocking NEW’s at all. What point was you trieing to make? Of course is was much earlier,1949 with the Lone Ranger Serie’s He still was an awesome human being! Ohh, Modern Technology is the one to thank for the clarity. Their more closer to 60 years old. The Lone Ranger was 1st on radio.

  15. tigersharka says:

    I met Clayton Moore as a boy…I was in awe…an awsome man who cared about people…A fiery horse with the speed of light! A cloud of dust and a hearty Hi-Yo, Silver! The Lone Ranger!

  16. RangerAlways says:

    Kids don’t have heroes anymore except maybe Terrel Owens or Michael Jordan. What kind of heroes are they? More ethics can be learned by watching a few episodes of the Lone Ranger than anything else.

  17. 78rohan says:

    Severe Wound?… He is the man!!! no pussy is he! One bandage and back in business!!!
    Ha… I have however seen an earlier pilot for this series…are you ready? its in Spanish.yes it is…much earlier than this..

  18. TheAffiliateMoneyPro says:

    Check out my videos

  19. ConalCochran says:

    great show!

  20. silvoniel says:

    oh wow this is an anime now?

    or did sum1 upload the old show on youtube??

  21. DOCRVN says:

    Mey Clayton Moore…A good guy then and now

  22. pegcage says:

    I cannot believe the clarity of these old videos! They must be 50 years old!

  23. tt3socal says:

    who r u saying this to

  24. FresnoTimeLord says:

    Hi-Ho Silver….Away!!!!!!!!!

    The Lone Ranger is my All Time Western Hero!

  25. thelakerra says:


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