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Emma Frost Statue Sculpted by Clayton Moore

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Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels reprised their roles as The Lone Ranger and Tonto for this 1970′s Aqua Velva spot. For far more superhero commercials go to and click on compilations.

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17 Responses to “Emma Frost Statue Sculpted by Clayton Moore”

  1. nevco959 says:

    Actually, Fred Foy passed away a few months ago; December 22, 2010. .

  2. nevco959 says:

    That was Clayton Moore appearing as the Ranger; you can tell by his husky voice and enunciation. The narrator is Fred Foy, who did the same for the radio and television series. Regretfully, Foy passed away about a year ago. What a tremendous voice. In fact, the “Hi-Yo, Silver!” at the end of the commercial is done by Foy.

  3. fromthesidelines says:

    And Fred Foy, the series’ original radio/TV announcer, is heard as well!

  4. ShaolinDiaries says:

    Holy crap, My Father wrote this commercial!!

  5. flapdoodle64 says:

    Best. Commercial. Ever.

  6. ysbaddaden2003 says:


    Tim Curry was considered; I kinda wish they went that direction. But Bob Kane brought in a picture of Jack Nicholson saying, “Here’s Johnny,” from The Shining, where he painted on green hair and a huge grin and said, “That’s our Joker.”

    If he were a little younger I think Jack Palance would’ve made an excellent Joker.

  7. AriesTRam says:

    @ysbaddaden2003 Quite true. Many versions are bandied about when it comes to adapting characters. Hell, at one point, they wanted Prince to play the Joker in Tim Burton’s Batman!

  8. mlabot says:

    That commercial was before Jack Wrather became a jerk by obtaining an injunction to stop Clayton Moore from appearing as the Lone Ranger at fairs. That was a great PR disaster.

  9. ysbaddaden2003 says:


    They started talking about a Batman movie almost as soon as the first Christopher Reeve Superman came out. They were talking about people like Mel Gibson, Pierce Brosnan and Bill Murray (?) as the Caped Crusader.

    Around 79 and 80 they started talking about the Shadow, but it wasn’t until about 1995 that that awful version with Alex Baldwin was released.

  10. AriesTRam says:

    @ysbaddaden2003 Yes. It takes many incarnations sometimes before a project finally is greenlit and made. It took nearly 10 years for the original Planet ot the Apes to be made.

  11. ysbaddaden2003 says:


    Supposedly Disney was working with Jerry Bruckheimer to make a Lone Ranger movie starring Johnny Depp as Tonto (basically the Pirates of the Caribbean people), but no one had been casted as the Ranger, although there were talks it would be George Clooney.

    However, Disney decided to push ahead with another Pirates of the Caribbean movie first.

  12. ysbaddaden2003 says:

    That is Jay Silverheels, but I’m not sure that’s Clayton Moore, until the final clip on the horse.

    Moore had a very precise, decisive resonant sounding voice.

  13. CadillacL says:

    WOW! I never knew he did commercials as the Lone Ranger, that’s just awesome!

  14. 1947studebaker1 says:

    Frey Foy is STILL alive? He must be about 95!! God bless ‘em.

  15. hourlynewscaster says:

    An entire generation grew up on “The Lone Ranger.” And, there are nearly 3,000 “Lone Ranger” radio shows — that was back when they did three a week … LIVE! By the way, as of this writing (December 2009), classic announcer Fred Foy is alive and well in the Boston area. Dennis

  16. AriesTRam says:

    There was a dreadful Lone Ranger movie in the ’80s with Christopher Lloyd as the villain. A much better version is just dying to be made!

  17. iowa61 says:

    Wow. 25 years later, they both look and sound great!

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