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eminem – As the World Turns – The Eminem Collection Volume four

1. Eminem – The Eminem Collection Volume 4 – Role Model 2. Eminem – The Eminem Collection Volume four – Guilty Conscience (Ft. Dr Dre) three. Eminem – The Eminem Collection Volume four – Poor Meets Evil (Ft. Royce 5’9) four. Eminem – The Eminem Collection Volume 4 – As the Globe Turns 5. Eminem – The…
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25 Responses to “eminem – As the World Turns – The Eminem Collection Volume four”

  1. therainofalifetime says:


  2. mursinary187 says:

    @skraightouttahtown yea i think we all do he on some other shit now cant stand 2 heer it

  3. yoyomamaxD says:

    @ChayDawg64 very true, hiphop is hiphop, i garentee that he will start goin like this, but since proof he has matured, yes some of his “new” songs that are unreleased arnt mature but there still grown emienm with shady style


    this is old school shady!

  5. AROnE87 says:

    talking about crack, pills and raping women cant be on every album< hes the best in rapping, hes white so he sells more, but black ppl arent gonna say a white guy is the best ever over tupac, biggie n jay.

    great beats
    greats rhymes
    great chemistry what more can u ask for? maybe more recognition.

  6. ChayDawg64 says:

    everyone on this new vs old shit needs to shut the fuck up. YOU doing something for ten years and see how different your first is from your last. people change, they grow. get off this “wish everything stayed the same”. shit like THAT is killing hip hop. you make an album and do better. if not, shut the fuck up.

  7. BigSteveRap says:

    @ifoundululz i feel the same way hes kinda a bitch now the old eminem kicked ass

  8. reviewsnake says:

    @Uxoriouswidow listen to 313 by eminem it has tons of wordplay that you might not even notice

  9. MultiSinoda says:

    1 person is a undercover stan wanting attention for his aggression!!! : D

  10. ifoundululz says:

    Eminem should go back to drugs and be awesome again

  11. DopeMusicLyrics says:

    1 person got their nipple sliced off with a pocket knife

  12. booger965 says:

    i wounder if the 1 person feels out numbered

  13. TheKajub says:


  14. RandomAndrew420 says:

    whoever the one person is that disliked this you deserve to die

  15. Uxoriouswidow says:

    This gets more and more lyrically brilliant the more I think about it – so many of the rhymes are multiple: Suin’ the courts, 2 in the source; reform school, deformed fool, warm pool; radamada inn, gotta twin, notta ‘gain. On top of that, it flows into two coherent (albeit fucked up) and hilarious stories.

    I honestly cannot think of any song, in any genre (let alone just rap) with lyrically near as good as this, its obscenety makes it overlooked as a masterpiece of lyricism.

  16. yoyoyo8795 says:

    anyone who thinks recovery is a result of eminem getting off drugs is just wrong. the only album he was on drugs for was encore and then he took 3 years off to go to rehab and take a break and then he came out with relapse which was creative and pretty good but didnt sell so he changed to a more mainstream approach for recovery. in other words he sold out and made absolute garbage for his last album. his 3 best albums: slim shady lp, marshal mathers lp and eminem show he was only on weed

  17. MrrSpacely says:

    his voice when he was young sounded sick

  18. FrankieFresch1 says:

    how can someone dislike this shit? haha, its a fuckin standup comedy within lyrical genius

  19. MrWafflehouse99 says:

    Go Go gadget dick! LOL!

  20. stocker104 says:

    1 person thinks Not Afraid is Eminem’s only good song

  21. crazylunadatuna says:

    LOL the 1 person that fat slut that got fucked by em

  22. bebble says:

    Crazy to think when Em wrote this shit he was high off his ass best lyricist in the game even though now he towned down alot shady still lurking in Marshell lol

  23. GTagun187 says:

    @skraightouttahtown don’t we all man, don’t we all…

  24. BluesmanMD says:


  25. RobinRc666 says:

    @skraightouttahtown same but yah gota remember he had to get off of drugs or he’d be dead so he had to change to keep on rapin :)

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