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eminem – As the World Turns – The Eminem Collection Volume 4

1. Eminem – The Eminem Collection Volume 4 – Role Model 2. Eminem – The Eminem Collection Volume 4 – Guilty Conscience (Ft. Dr Dre) 3. Eminem – The Eminem Collection Volume 4 – Bad Meets Evil (Ft. Royce 5’9) 4. Eminem – The Eminem Collection Volume 4 – As the World Turns 5. Eminem – The…
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25 Responses to “eminem – As the World Turns – The Eminem Collection Volume 4”

  1. FrankieFresch1 says:

    how can someone dislike this shit? haha, its a fuckin standup comedy within lyrical genius

  2. MrWafflehouse99 says:

    Go Go gadget dick! LOL!

  3. stocker104 says:

    1 person thinks Not Afraid is Eminem’s only good song

  4. crazylunadatuna says:

    LOL the 1 person that fat slut that got fucked by em

  5. bebble says:

    Crazy to think when Em wrote this shit he was high off his ass best lyricist in the game even though now he towned down alot shady still lurking in Marshell lol

  6. GTagun187 says:

    @skraightouttahtown don’t we all man, don’t we all…

  7. BluesmanMD says:


  8. RobinRc666 says:

    @skraightouttahtown same but yah gota remember he had to get off of drugs or he’d be dead so he had to change to keep on rapin :)

  9. RoshanL92 says:

    @XGregzX not funnier that FACK lol

  10. BigMoneyWeezy1000 says:

    I miss the old em too but his new stuff is good too

  11. XGregzX says:

    This is definitely the funniest song I’ve ever heard.

  12. justar516 says:

    damn i love this u can hear tht buzzin in da backround in full and with head phones!

  13. Lazynade says:

    “She put me in a headlock, then i thought of my guinea pig” laughed like fucking hell

  14. EvWuzhere says:

    all of his cds are great, i mean, do we expect them to stay the same? people wouldnt buy albums with the same sound. i miss a lot of his old sounds too, but hes still em..

  15. MixMasterFrost says:

    @skraightouttahtown same

  16. MindofJack says:

    @skraightouttahtown recovery is a great cd tho.

  17. 94MarcMaxwell says:

    Sorry guys, I missed the like button. Haha, only messing, I’m not that dumb

  18. dripfilter says:

    this is ken keniff from connecticut do you except. Em was the best part of my teenage years. I miss his raw lines and dont give a shit attitude. Old Em is forever to be remembered by all of his true fans

  19. DB78 says:

    Do not make fun of fat people, UNLESS THEY ARE FUCKING FAT.

  20. ShadowzOfRS says:

    i love the sound effects he does in his songs, there the best

  21. brandond707 says:

    @wigwams69 there we go

  22. wigwams69 says:

    eminem should listen to his old shit and learn from that

  23. tcartty3659 says:

    love this song

  24. pieman1019 says:

    my friends keep repeat:
    it all started when my mom took my bike away
    cuz i murdered my guinea pig and stook it in the microwave

  25. xtoxicthrasherx says:

    He’s A Thizhead Haha.

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