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Elly Needs a Maw

Ely Needs a Maw
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17 Responses to “Elly Needs a Maw”

  1. earthtiger1 says:

    this is so boring

  2. earthtiger1 says:

    this is so boring

  3. RoseIvyRoselina says:

    yeah yoplay comerushle

  4. snobear41 says:

    Does anyone have episode with Flatt & Scruggs singing “Mail order Bride” ?

  5. indianaike says:

    they probably took this from earlier DVD sets when the licensing was all messed up, you couldn’t get the original opening or closing song. The new sets from 09 have all the original music.

  6. ROCKDOG5732 says:

    I hear You Tube is planning on adding ads to all videos including the You Tube users videos. If your channel don’t sell ads you could lose your channel.

  7. timtuxedo says:


  8. pirodirty says:

    omggggg season 222222

  9. RandomStrawberries says:


  10. dominatrixbabydoll says:

    Yeah they changed the theme for the collector’s edition. I have the dvds of the first and second season and was disapointed that it was replaced by the music… but it was worth it that the episodes were just as hillarious as the first time I watched them!

  11. JasperSayRelax says:

    I hate the ads

  12. dartanniah says:

    this is a crime. how could you change the theme song. i am disappointed. Love the show but I fell like being apart of the lynching mob dabnabit.

  13. carliecurtis says:

    WTF? It should be criminal to change an American Classic Theme like the Beverly Hillbillies. If the estate of Flatt and Scruggs is responsible, they are being ridiculously greedy.

  14. sharefun says:

    Bet them folks had trouble with licensing that Flat an Scruggs song.

  15. mhnadler says:

    I’d forgotten that Sharon Tate had a bit part on this show.

  16. unsortedmana says:

    Changing the classic theme song is CRIMINAL! Bring back the original! dadnabit! Get a rope!

  17. jjk439 says:

    I was disappointed in that the original theme song was not retained in these BH episodes.

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