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Ellam Inba Mayam – Dance Fever

“Solla Solla Enna Perumai” – from the 1981 film.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Ellam Inba Mayam – Dance Fever”

  1. thewhitemask says:

    Dude, I so want english translations to this awsomeness lol

  2. saminatha says:

    go to watch this, equally spontaneous and just fantastic


  3. saminatha says:

    go to watch this, equally spontaneous and just fantastic


  4. gotoharry says:

    Watch another clip from Dasavatharam…Here all 3 people (An Indian scientist, an ex-CIA turned hitman, a Japanese Martial arts expert) involved in the fight and the guy who comes in the helicopter are played by Kamal Haasan.


    This film is scripted by Kamal Haasan himself. Look out for the tribute to Taxi Driver’s “you talking to me?” and the take on Hiroshima and Pearl Harbor attacks

  5. gotoharry says:

    Watch this video of Kamal Haasan in his 2008 tamil movie Dasavatharam where he plays 10 characters.

    Here is a clip from the movie where he plays George Bush.


  6. rcajazeira says:

    Do you Know portuguese, brasilian language?

  7. thefishyswa says:

    bah bah bah bah BAAAAAH BAH BAH BAH!

  8. neilcage says:


  9. iconogasm says:

    sexy woman is sexy

  10. iseevideos123 says:

    india can play a mean guitar

  11. IronGuy100 says:

    this movie needs to be passed by indian censor board cause these are all indians, fool

  12. sammieddavis72 says:

    …and the north-eastern region of Sri Lanka, idiot

  13. IronGuy100 says:

    tamil nadu is part of india, idiot

  14. sammieddavis72 says:

    this is not india or pakistan, this a tamil movie from 1981!!!!

  15. cookie1176 says:

    Damn that was pretty cool. lol

  16. dailybeshel says:

    one of my few favorites on youtube!

  17. Mrarmageddon8 says:

    Now I know why Pakistan is so jealous of India.

  18. nonamechannel says:

    The composer — Ilayaraja is known for making great bassline in his songs. Here’s an ultra CRAZY bassline from his classical album — watch?v=CmnpFzjos5Q

  19. jlocks420 says:

    Anyone have a translation to this? Motherfucker can dance!!!

  20. ICKYintimidation says:

    i KNOW!!! it’s amazingly insane!!! i love it!

  21. sinder96 says:

    those are some crazy moves at 0:54

  22. mattfirebird says:

    Duuude…. brutha be showin’ some moves yo. My fave is 3:20 – we got a skinny guy doin’ something that looks like a worm on speed at a Pentecostal prayer meeting; his partner behind him is catching the vibe. Then, at 3:24 we get an ending with a minor chord that sounds like the beginning of a Lonnie Liston Smith song! Too much. Hooked on a feelin’ baby. I’m McLovin’ it…

  23. Thebibs says:

    when the Muppets go Bollywood…

  24. buttcheekwarrior says:

    such a sick bassline

  25. jakescustaard says:

    Possibly one of the funniest things i`ve ever seen in my life!!

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