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Elizabeth Taylor on What’s My Line?

Elizabeth Taylor appears as a mystery guest on the long-running CBS television program “What’s My Line?” Dated November 14th, 1954.
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Elizabeth Taylor on What’s My Line?”

  1. rebk1228 says:

    My favorite WML ever!! She was so gorgeous and funny!!! Even her signature was amazing!

  2. musicjunkie2891 says:

    my god, she was so beautiful.

  3. weightfeather1 says:

    She used a version of that funny little voice years later when she portrayed Louella Parsons in the film “Hedda and Louella”. Liz was interviewed about Louella, whom she had known very well, and she said that “Louella had one of those annoying little whiny voices that at times, made you just want to SMACK her!” She said it with a laugh in her voice, so you knew that she wasn’t too terribly serious about it.

  4. calalilygirl says:

    What are you talking about defined thick shapely eyebrows are an asset!

  5. calalilygirl says:

    @DaveScott69 I know i love all these clips but sometimes they are somewhat sad to watch.

  6. calalilygirl says:

    @weightfeather1 You got that right. I’ve always thought the same. It was the in-style sexy thing at that time.

  7. calalilygirl says:

    She was just lovely here.

  8. Tessmage says:

    Jesus christ, what a babe.

  9. writerspen010 says:

    One, she has a FABULOUS signature.. Second, she had such a sense of humor! I never tire of seeing this clip : ) You are missed Dame Taylor.

  10. ManhattanMusician says:

    She was cute.

  11. farcher3 says:

    @62easthar62 Are you serious? Whoa!

  12. musiclover19951 says:

    Elizabeth Taylor was very beautiful :)

  13. 62easthar62 says:

    Liz couldn’t wait for the show to be over so she could get it on with Big Daddy John Daly. She couldn’t get enough of that stud. Always kept him in tight swimming trunks and hard liquor.

  14. weightfeather1 says:

    @TheXtro101 It was that short “Italian-Style” hairdo that was so popular for a while. Lucy spoofed it on one of her “I Love Lucy” shows.

  15. myacidsmiles says:

    @wizardstf1 There’s something mentally wrong with you.

  16. wizardstf1 says:

    @myacidsmiles no, that’s your inbred mother. Don’t hate because you’re stupid.

  17. DaveScott69 says:

    Shame they are all dead.

  18. ormandy says:

    Elizabeth Taylor was more than special. She was UNIQUE.

  19. mrdiamondheadTV says:


  20. lolowuffgg says:

    i wrote a song 4 her called :”Lisbeth Taylor Song” give in the seach box to listen. thx



    Her closest friends say she was very funny, this vintage clip truly encapsulates her wit and humor….Rest In Peace Dear Elizabeth

  22. rjcnykm says:

    that’s her real accent, right?

  23. 1995MINX says:

    love the accent, she sounds so sweet… she defo knew how to make people roar with laughter, imagine if she had done stand up comedy, now that would of been something worth paying to see! if i could say something to her it would be: ‘i love you Liz, you have been my idol since i was a baby & will always be till the day my eyes close forever! i miss you’.. i’m 16 in june & i’m dressing up as her in tribute :D

  24. myacidsmiles says:

    @wizardstf1 gracious, somebody’s cranky.

  25. angeloflove says:

    loved how she turned southren in the middle of the video

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