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Electra Woman 2001 Pilot – Part 1

The first half of the test pilot filmed for the WB network back in 2001. The show was never picked up. Starring Markie Post as Lori/Electra Woman and Anne Stedman as Judy/Dyna Girl. (There are rumors of a longer version of this program. I don’t have it and, if it exists, don’t know where to get it.)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Electra Woman 2001 Pilot – Part 1”

  1. ManBatz says:

    What happens when we find out our archetype’s are people too? In the almost vein of Watchmen/Adam West, this is amazingly dysfunctional.

  2. ManBatz says:

    What happens when we find out our archetype’s are people too? In the almost vein of Watchmen/Adam West, this is amazingly disfunctional.

  3. MARK1HOE says:

    Just awful, somebody was thinking when they didn’t green light this

  4. MARK1HOE says:

    Typical modern Hollywood. Take something good from the seventies and darken it up, take everything that was good and make it bad for a “modern” audiance.

  5. er6789er says:

    Markie Post – the hero with the most!!!!

  6. AngeLBarraganJR says:

    Damn shame that they didn’t make it a serie that could’ve been a good lead-in to Smallville.

  7. ScottropolisTV says:

    @vicari57 I agree! I’d pay money to see her float around in the leotard and tights.

  8. StreetKnight1 says:

    They should have made this into a series! It rocked!!

  9. Filmation77 says:

    and I just served MARKIE POST!!! this past week…this is so funny!!

  10. hcvang says:


    oh, this was for warner brothers… nevermind.


  11. hj351 says:

    They def should have made this into a show.

  12. KageZX10RRonin says:

    I never in a kajillion years would have imagined Markie as Electrawoman.As for the cleavage baring ,peekaboo scoop-neck…electrawow.

  13. vicari57 says:

    Markie Post looks so awesome ina leotard and tights! Boing! I got a huge throbbing boner from her!

  14. DefconWarningSystem says:

    A series? No. But I wouldn’t have minded a one-off. It would have been fun

  15. gregoryvn3 says:

    So, so wrong… but pretty funny!

  16. drkmagneto says:

    Awesome, but no Deidre Hall? Bummer!!

  17. drkmagneto says:

    Markie Post is a good actress, but she’s mo Deidre Hall.

  18. DoktorSick says:

    I can’t believe they didn’t pick this show up ! I guess it didn’t contain enough drama to much action and entertainment.

  19. Mixxersmix says:

    It should have came on abc right before “power rangers” it would have fit perfectly there.

  20. blue32ism says:

    how cute! they totally should have made this!

  21. cegross says:

    I liked that they attempted to bring this back, but it had problems. It was too mature for Kids WB and too corny for CW’s primetime line up. I wish they had stayed true to the original program while giving it the updated sophistication that I see here. They should try again! It was good to bring it back. And maybe this time they could make EW and DG African American or Latino!

  22. quelita1971 says:

    I would have wathced it!

  23. arcangel2003 says:

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  25. robbatkinson666 says:

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