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Edge of Night

Ann Williams Welch
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5 Responses to “Edge of Night”

  1. chicagodan773 says:

    I started watching EON in late 81, so I missed AWW. However, I obtained some DVDs from 1979-1980 and was really impressed by her presence on the show. She was fantastic! I only wish I had access to more of her work.

  2. AvengerOnEuclid says:

    Her voice pitch and “accent” sound alot like Margaret Colin (Paige), like they could be related. Now Margaret Colin is Eleanor on GOSSIP GIRL (Blair’s mom) .

  3. netguy02 says:

    According to the book her children wrote, Ann Williams revealed she had cancer in 1982, two years after Margo was killed off, so I don’t think cancer was the reason for her dismissal. Margo’s murder definitely moved the show in a new direction, but more could’ve been done with the character. IMO, the boring, plodding, and implausible amnesia story that followed Ann’s departure wasn’t worth losing her. Unfortunately, the EON cast became filled with kids who didn’t have half the talent Ann had.

  4. Nantytam says:

    I wonder if she was dismissed because she had cancer? She died of cancer within 3 years of her diagnosis.

  5. netguy02 says:

    These scenes illustrate why the dismissal of Ann Williams from EON was such a big mistake. Thirty years ago, it was a pleasure watching her scenes, which always had so much depth. She brought out the best in her acting partners, too. On top of all that, she somehow managed to make the intriguing and devious Margo sympathetic, too. Evidently, she loved playing Margo, which made her departure from the show even more sad and disappointing. Her absence created a void that was never filled.

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