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1984 scenes featuring FORREST COMPTON (Mike Karr), ANN FLOOD (Nancy Karr), SHARON GABET (Raven Whitney), LARKIN MALLOY (Sky Whitney), CHRIS WEATHERHEAD (Alisha Van Dine), PHILIP CASNOFF (Brian Murdock), KARRIE EMERSON (Jody Travis), MICHAEL CONFORTI (Jeremy Rhodes), DENNIS PARKER (Derek Mallory), CHARLES FLOHE (Preacher Emerson), TOM BRENNAN (Judge Trahanny), EARLE HYMAN (Bailiff)
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3 Responses to “EDGE OF NIGHT 1984”

  1. TheZ58 says:

    @daisyclover999 Thanks! A pity I misspelled Sharon GABET’s last name as Gabot. An unfortunate typo since I worshipped Ms. Gabet’s RAVEN, especially when she was truly wicked. I would love to see reruns of the time Raven announced her pregnancy which horrified Geraldine who already knew Kevin was sterile and couldn’t possibly be the father. Fearing a scandal since Geraldine was grooming Kevin for political office, Geraldine rushed Raven off to New York to have abortion but it was too late.

  2. wilshirejohn1 says:

    AMAZING!!! Would love to see one for “As the World Turns” like this….

  3. daisyclover999 says:

    Love It!!!

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