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Eddie Izzard – Physician Who and the Daleks

Eddie Izzard talks about Physician Who, specifically the Daleks. Funny Stuff.

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25 Responses to “Eddie Izzard – Physician Who and the Daleks”

  1. ragingspasm says:

    the daleks used the plunger to take info from a guy and burn his face to a crisp

  2. Hannah071293 says:

    @dracodevis year i was born :P

  3. Josienepienenien says:

    I think the plunger is for managing the controles… They do that now, they have round controle buttons… They can also fly now, so maybe the designer of the new Daleks has seen this video!

  4. NaniKnudsen says:

    Okay Eddie Izzard just isn’t right when he is not dressed… wrong…

  5. youtubrgirl12345 says:

    17 companions have been captured. :(

  6. StaraptorEagle says:

    @kerowyn1 Same here!

  7. Brandt761 says:

    @kerowyn1 god damn, I h8 those frigging things.

  8. Brandt761 says:

    I think the Dalek could actually fly, or something. On good days, maybe.

  9. sammcfarlaneyou says:

    Anyone else look at a picture of a dalek to see the plunger ?

  10. JamHam64 says:

    Loads of People are saying that the daleks didn’t fly until the new series, but they few in rememberance of the daleks, if you remember!

  11. kerowyn1 says:

    you know what ealse is scarey from dr. who? the weeping angles

  12. kerowyn1 says:

    you know what ealse is scarey from dr. who? thoose angles that dont move when u look at them

  13. animationdude56 says:

    @dracodevis some sort of suction system, rather like a hoover I imagine.

  14. TheDuckielova says:

    stuff like this is timeless

  15. Erithywen says:

    @dracodevis Suction powah! … I am guessing.

  16. INVADERxDIB says:

    you will be exterminated for your insolence … cow !

  17. INVADERxDIB says:

    light bulbs – on -head flashy flashy

  18. samandfreddiefan16 says:

    mabey that’s where RTD got 9 and 10′s love for bananas from

  19. samandfreddiefan16 says:

    ‘Doctor, Doctor… oh I’ve been captured’ TOO TRUE

  20. BinroWasRight says:

    My favourite scene in this show, nice :~)

  21. lilmizztokenwhite says:

    now we will gather nuts!

  22. adrianbeloo says:

    Do I detect a subtle lisp? Huh, interesting, I guess Eddie got rid of it with speech therapy or something.

  23. pepsibookcat says:

    Whoa. Young Izzard.

  24. BostonWishes1975 says:

    eddie izzard + doctor who = epic

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