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Ed Sullivan’s Jungle Cruise Kodak Commercial

Ed Sullivan does a commercial for a Kodak camera while “riding” the Jungle Cruise attraction in Disneyland.

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19 Responses to “Ed Sullivan’s Jungle Cruise Kodak Commercial”

  1. kayon22 says:

    why did you the hippo you bitch?

  2. photolitherland says:

    I want one.

  3. inkey2 says:

    wow……for it’s day……that was a damn nice movie camera….and $74.00 was a huge chunk of cash

  4. reneecalling says:

    Wow, Ed Sullivan selling a color exposure camera in a black and white commercial.

  5. b30307 says:

    8mm movie cams just like can be had for about $10. That model was “wind-up” and mechanical and many of them still work today. It was all metal and over-built. Back from the days when we still made things in America.
    The film however is hard to find, and even harder to have developed.

  6. TIPTON340 says:

    He’s sitting & standing with rear projection behind him.

  7. JoshuaTaylor says:

    Wow. Ol’ Ed wasn’t even there ! The entire thing was shot with green screens. (or, were they “blue” back then…)

  8. wdashwor says:

    Uh…so they shoot hippos at Disneyland?? ooooooooo-kay. :-)

  9. PumpkinKingMatt says:

    Great! He got the best video shot of a hippo getting shot at! Thats a keeper! Get PETA on the phone and send in that video! Thanks Kodak!

  10. conformistkiller666 says:

    really big shoe!

  11. fishhead06 says:

    Because, as we all know, one wears a business suit while visiting Disneyland.

  12. vividwatch47 says:

    R.I.P. Kodachrome.

  13. tayla2007m says:

    i wonder how much that costs today. if it still works

  14. vividwatch47 says:

    Ironically, “The Ed Sullivan Show” wouldn’t be seen in color until the 18th season (right after The Beatles’ last apperance).

  15. oneandatwo says:

    Looks like Ed Sullivan never went to Disneyland in his life.

  16. BUTTONBICHON says:


  17. heytambun says:

    poor hippo

  18. biglizard101 says:

    cara, eu lembro disso. Eu nasci no Brasil em 71, mas na minha passada, eu vivi essas…

  19. fromthesidelines says:

    Between 1956 and ’61, Ed’s Sunday night CBS variety show was co-sponsored by Eastman Kodak {they also brought you “THE ADVENTURES OF OZZIE & HARRIET” on ABC’s Wednesday night schedule}, and occasionally, these kind of ads appeared on his program {and sometimes, on Ozzie’s}. In the fall of 1961, Kodak dropped their sponsorship of those shows and began co-sponsoring “WALT DISNEY’S WONDERFUL WORLD OF COLOR” on NBC- the second half-hour directly opposite Ed!

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