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Ed Sullivan on ‘What’s My Line’ (1958)

From Ed Sullivan is the mystery guest on ‘What’s My Line’ which aired on September 14, 1958. Panelists included: Dorothy Kilgallen, John Payne, Arlene Francis & Bennett Cerf. The Moderator is John Charles Daly.
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25 Responses to “Ed Sullivan on ‘What’s My Line’ (1958)”

  1. tazal5011 says:

    oh my mr daly is trying to keep a straight face

  2. Savorist says:

    the host looks like kevin spacey

  3. alienhuman says:

    I can never tell Nixon and Sullivan apart.

  4. spactick says:

    I didn’t realize Sullivan had a sense of humor.

  5. GerardSquires says:

    Cool Show

  6. jduyvun says:

    fidel castro? hence, the yuks at the politics line and “comrade”

  7. doc1917 says:

    @ragemanchoo82 a caveman

  8. ragemanchoo82 says:

    Whos the rubber mask supposed to be of?

  9. juliurashima says:

    should be exists this program in this days!!! is so funny… could you imagine try to figure who is the misterious guest … like hugh laurie characterizing Dr House????

  10. tedhobgood says:

    GOOD LORD! This is the WEIRDEST segment of WML ever! I would’ve expected that sort of act from Ernie Kovacs, but not Ed Sullivan! Very funny! (How did Arlene ever guess it was him?!?)

  11. sheltv100 says:

    This is better than the crap seen on American TV today.

  12. bluebear1985 says:

    Wayne & Shuster, whom Sullivan mentioned as CBS stars, were sort of stars of the network. They were actually a comedy duo from Canada, stars of the CBC. They did appear on Sullivan a number of times though. I just thought I’d clear that up. There are a few of their clips on You Tube, but only a few. Check them out if you’re interested.

  13. Stanger182 says:

    @BigDuckKetterer oh ur sooo funny….i bet you like laughing at your own stupid ignorant jokes

  14. Harlan346 says:

    What show! It should be brought back! Thank goodness we have YouTube to help us remember those great days. Alas! I don’t think they will return. I wonder if there’s a web site that has more WML, aside from good old YouTube?

  15. DominoRyder says:

    Damn, Ed Sullivan was one of the best guests ever, he’s so funny here, I never would have guessed!

  16. Willzsales says:

    Sullivan was a real SOB during his career.

  17. cd637299 says:

    I want that mask!

  18. calchick82 says:

    “The Ed Sullivan Show” was one of those rare shows that the whole family could watch. I was born in 1964, but I do remember the show being on in our home on Sunday nights when I was a little girl. Sullivan had the image of being dour and serious, but it was nice to see him do a comedic turn in this clip:)

  19. zildj1an says:

    I remember watching the Ed Sullivan show as a kid in the 1960s. Loved it. As a host, he was always very stoic and serious. But, this WML clip is hysterical. I never knew he had it in himself to be so comedic.

  20. TheMoviefan1996 says:

    This show should come on TV.

  21. TheFrogger15 says:

    @BigDuckKetterer That’s right guy……..STAY CLASSY.

  22. BigDuckKetterer says:

    @egrand1508 You are absolutely correct!! I did that on purpose, and you are the only one who has commented on it, so at least I know there is one person who enjoyed those halcyon days!!! Thank you for the contact my friend!!!!! Have a nice day

  23. egrand1508 says:

    @BigDuckKetterer I’m afraid that’s not correct. The Fran of Kukla, Fran, and Ollie was named Fran Allison. That show was based in Chicago, and I don’t think she ever worked in New York. Arlene Francis was host of NBC’s Home show and did segments for the Today show. She also was in several Broadway plays and an occasional movie.

  24. JJJBRICE says:

    John Payne s unknowing rehash on Arlene s question , gave Arlene the flash ! correct guest- Ed Sullivan who was real funny in mask .

  25. BigDuckKetterer says:

    TenStarsplus !!!! Does anyone remember that Arlene Francis was the Fran from Bur Tilstrom’s ” Kukla, Fran, and Ollie “??!!! That was one of the earliest children’s TV shows, and it was one of my favorites!!!! Thank you for posting this fantabulous video!!!!!!

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