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EastEnders: Sonia Has a ‘Surprise’ Baby

Sonia is horrified to discover she’s in labour and Mo has to play emergency mid-wife.
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25 Responses to “EastEnders: Sonia Has a ‘Surprise’ Baby”

  1. jamieprince7 says:

    Jamies so effin gorgeous i love him. Lol at mo and Sonia.

  2. JamieRees200 says:

    scream the house down


    Windows smashes

  3. ElvisSnake23 says:

    No word of a lie…. I got showing this as “SEX EDUCATION” at my high school after this was broadcasted.

  4. hgjkllsssss21233 says:

    @Bec6488 No. You don’t have your first period until two weeks after you ovulate. But if that egg is ferilized, then there will be no period! Also sperm can live in the uterus for five days, so they could even have sex before she ovulated and still end up pregnant.

  5. Bec6488 says:

    @hgjkllsssss21233 yes but it would have to be very close to the day she was due to start ovulating maybe a day or 2 i would have to look that up, but its a fact that if your not having periods or in some cases never start them u cnt get pregnant since your body isnt producing eggs and u can get warning signs of when your ovulating or just before your periods are due to start but by age 15 the majority of girls are having periods

  6. hgjkllsssss21233 says:

    @Bec6488 Yes they can? Sonia could have had sex just before she ovulated (released an egg) for the first time. Since this egg was fertilized, it joins the lining of the uterus and the lining isn’t shed – i.e. the woman doesn’t have a period! And I learned that from biology, not sex ed.

  7. Bec6488 says:

    @hgjkllsssss21233 if your periods aint started u cant have a baby…as mo said i dnt know who the sex ed officer is at your school but they should be sacked! LOL

  8. Bec6488 says:

    @twilighter4356 actually u can have periods while your pregnant although they normally stop it can happen

  9. 96bornthisway says:

    mo’s off her rocker

  10. londonlil27 says:

    At the lido phwahahaha

  11. jasiekel86 says:

    I normally hate birth scenes, but Mo made this hilarious!

  12. chocchip332 says:

    Jamie was well cute. Now you killed him off. -.-

  13. 94GeorgeS says:

    How can you not know your pregnant? sonia was punching a bit above her weight with jamie

  14. pinkmascaragirl1 says:

    how can you have a surprise baby?

  15. me4ndubz says:

    @372nat 15

  16. 372nat says:

    how old was sonia?

  17. donhonki1 says:

    Who wants to have a laugh at British justice???

    Check out the “official crown court papers” from the court case that lead
    to me being the 1st ever british poet to be given a “5 year rap & poetry ban”

    (video on my page)

    “Donhonki” “First ever crown court BANNED british rap-poet” (2009-2014)


  18. danniibabe2 says:

    that was halarious when mo grabbed jamies throught :L


    Did she have surprise love making.

  20. missmawson says:

    Poor Sonia – not the prettiest girl in the playground is she.

  21. cyllocybin says:

    @AWESOMOh40O0 well congrats you just made yourself look like a massive prick with a missing brain. this is a tv soap, not a film, i dont think people would pay to watch a movie of this low standard of talent. the trouble with soaps is that they all over act and it doesnt seem natural.

  22. cyllocybin says:

    @katiea3354 well u would think that but i know a girl who didnt know she was pregnant. untill it came round to giving birth. much like this. so just because you dont think it would happen to you doesnt mean it cant.

  23. katiea3354 says:

    how can u not know ur bloody pregnant!! FGS?!?!?! u wood have a bump widnt ya! lool

  24. MadAdamIsHere says:

    @AWESOMOh40O0 its not a film, its a soap oprah.. a tv show.

  25. Cozzycoo says:

    How can she not know she was pregnant? O_o

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